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Service Apartment | Why Should University Students Rent A Service Apartment Instead Of A Dorm?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

In the United States and other countries, students live in dorms when they are in college. The long term lease apartment service apartment is a popular living option in Hong Kong, because it provides everything that you need during your stay. A service apartment has become very popular among international students who attend a local university in Hong Kong. A lot of students choose to rent a Hong Kong short term lease service apartment for their first year in school. This apartment short term lease makes it easy to get acclimated to the new surroundings and meet new people. If you want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of renting a service apartment versus living on campus, read on!

When you rent an Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment in Hong Kong, you will have a private room with a kitchen and bathroom. You will also be provided with laundry services, maid services and Internet access. This means that you do not have to worry about cooking for yourself or cleaning up after yourself. The pet friendly studio apartment service apartment properties are great for college students who are attending school nearby. In addition to saving money on food, you can save time as well by not having to clean your own room.

The first time university students arrive in a big city like Hong Kong, Causeway Bay and Happy Valley areas, they could get lost in the complicated building system. They might feel confused after being assigned to a room that is far away from the lecture halls. Additionally, their roommates might not be as friendly and welcoming as they had thought. So, if you are a freshman who wants to study in a foreign country, renting a service apartment from a renowned company can be an alternative choice for you.

Freshmen should consider the following when choosing between staying in dorm or service apartment properties:

  • Safety: Pet friendly serviced apartment Service apartment properties are usually on high floors with a good fire system and security guards on duty. Common areas are well-lit and monitored by surveillance cameras. The staff are very professional and helpful, so that freshmen can feel safe enough to return home late at night.

  • Socialisation: Living in a service apartment allows freshmen to enjoy more contact with other housemates. They can easily communicate with each other and share the housework together. Additionally, there will be no awkward moments when housemates have different schedules because they live in different rooms. And they won't have any roommate conflicts either.

Long term lease apartment service apartment properties are usually furnished with basic furniture such as tables, chairs, beds and wardrobes. Freshmen do not need to spend money on why you should consider opting for a Hong Kong short term lease rental apartment over a co-ed dorm. Dorms are always filled with people. It doesn't matter if it's your first day or your last day in school, dorm residents always have tons of stuff to do - hanging out, listening to music, watching movies, etc. You won't be getting a good night's sleep with all these distractions. In fact, in some cases, you'll be lucky if you get any sleep at all! But when it comes to servicing pet friendly apartment properties in Hong Kong, you'll have complete privacy - nobody will bother you while you're trying to study or sleep.

There's no doubt that college dormitories have their perks. While it's true that many students look forward to living in the dorms and having the freedom to do what they want, others have a different opinion. The main reason why freshmen should consider renting apartment short term lease service apartment properties or homes in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley areas instead is because dormitory living has been shown to cause students to have higher stress levels than those who live off campus. Students who live on campus are also more likely to get sick than those who live with family or friends of family off campus.

The reasons why freshmen should consider going the route of renting a service apartment or home are obvious, and it's something they should not overlook. The two biggest advantages are that they are free from the annoyances of living with people you don't know, and they will be able to focus better on their studies at school. Apartments are usually cheaper than dorms. Most universities require their students to take up residence on campus anyway so they can keep an eye on them and make sure they're not doing anything "wild".

Renting a pet friendly studio apartment service apartment is a great idea for freshmen, since it will give them a chance to settle down and adapt to university life. For one, the environment will be more comfortable, as there are plenty of amenities available. And their parents can also visit them anytime they want, especially if they rent a service apartment near the school. In addition, service apartment properties are great because service apartment residences offer a lot of privacy. Unlike dorms, there are no strict rules on when you have to return to your room, so students can use the long term lease apartment facilities whenever they want to. And it's not uncommon for students to study in their rooms at night, so it'll be easier for them to concentrate.

The most important thing is that students who opt for one bedroom apartment service apartment properties in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley areas will be able to enjoy their stay in college without much hassle. It won't be long before they become accustomed to the hectic schedule and adapt to the academic atmosphere – something that many freshmen struggle with during their first weeks in college. Renting a cosy service apartment in Hong Kong can be the most cost-effective option for freshman students coming to Hong Kong. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing where to live.

Here Are Some Pros And Cons Of Service Apartment Properties Versus Dorms:

Service Apartment:

Service apartment properties are a great alternative to dorms because service apartment residences offer similar amenities with greater privacy. service apartment residences provide you with your own bedroom, bathroom, furnished apartment kitchen and lounge. Renting a single is often more affordable than renting an entire flat in a dormitory building. You also have more freedom to decorate your personal space and get creative with furnishings and decorations.

Although service apartment properties lack the community atmosphere that comes from living with other students, service apartment residences can still provide opportunities for socialisation by arranging parties or having visitors over. Many service apartment properties also host events such as movie nights and karaoke contests that residents can attend for free.


Dormitories tend to be more appealing because service apartment residences offer an opportunity to meet new people from all over the world, which is especially valuable if you're studying abroad in a foreign country like Hong Kong. There is also no need to worry about cooking meals or doing laundry, because everything is provided for you at the dormitory building.

Renting a service apartment in Hong Kong is a great choice for freshman college students. It's a good alternative to dorm rooms, and it will give you more freedom than living at home or with other Hong Kong apartments. You might have several questions about service apartment properties, including whether service apartment residences are comfortable, how much service apartment residences cost and where you can find one. This article will answer all of your questions, so read on to learn more.

Apartment living is much safer and more comfortable than dorm living. You will have more freedom of movement, and you can probably get to know more people because you can invite them to your room for food and fun. Apartment O Service Apartment living is cheaper than dorm life. Dorms are very expensive, but service apartment properties are just a fraction of the cost.

Apartment living is more relaxing. When you live in a dorm, there is always the noise of other students, especially when they're coming back late at night! service apartment properties are silent and private. Apartment O Service Apartment living means you can use your kitchenette to cook for yourself. Dorms have communal kitchens where many people go to cook at once and it gets very crowded.

You can make friends with the other tenants in your building, or even with some people in other buildings. It's like a little community all its own. You will have a much better connection to the local community because you will be able to go out without having to worry about catching a bus or train, as long as you don't live too far from campus.* If you rent a service apartment near campus, it's easy to run back home if something unexpected happens on school grounds (for example, being sick and missing classes).

Renting a service apartment in Hong Kong is the best way to start off your university life, but you must choose wisely! How can you make sure that you are getting the best service apartment deal? With so many different services, how can you know which ones will suit your needs? This is when an Apartment OPet friendly serviced apartment comes in handy.

Telling your parents that you'd prefer to live off-campus during your freshman year will often result in them giving you their blessing, but also some anxious questions. They might even try to discourage you a bit, worried that living alone in an Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment or house will somehow expose you to more harm than living with hundreds of other students in a dorm.

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