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Service Apartment | Why Is A Service Apartment A Better Alternative To A Hotel Room?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Service apartment properties in Hong Kong are a cost-effective alternative to hotels and hostels. service apartment options are usually self-contained service apartment flats with all the Hong Kong short term lease facilities of a home, including kitchen, private bathroom and laundry. When travelling, one of the main concerns is what will be your Hong Kong short term lease. There are many service apartment properties available today to suit every budget.

However; it's not always easy making a choice for Hong Kong short term lease. Hotels are the most popular, but service apartment options can be expensive. Hostels offer cheap accommodation, but service apartment flats often lack privacy and can be inconvenient if you travel with your family or partner. Also, many hostels don't accept children under a certain age. Then there are service apartment flats that offer quality apartment short term lease at a reasonable price.

If you are planning a holiday in Hong Kong and want to save some money on hotel expenses, then stay in a service apartment instead of booking into an expensive hotel room. Service apartment properties are comfortable apartment short term lease flats located in high-rise buildings that have been converted into serviced flats and offer a luxury apartment short term lease at low rates. These flats provide complete privacy and often include amenities such as kitchen facilities, laundry services, free high speed Internet access and daily housekeeping.

Why choose service apartment properties over a hotel room?

It's very simple. service apartment properties are typically more affordable and offer better furnished apartment amenities than a hotel room. When you stay in a service apartment, you have the option to purchase food and drinks at the building, but when you stay in a hotel, you have to pay extra for food. A service apartment is also much better if you're travelling with family or friends because you can all stay in the same furnished apartment building. service apartment properties are a great alternative to hotel rooms in Hong Kong. When you're going on a trip, or travelling for business, you might not want to spend a lot on accommodations.

Hotels, in general, are quite expensive, while service apartment properties provide great furnished apartment deals of comfort and space at a relatively low cost. Expect an average cost of $150-200 per night at hotels in Happy Valley or Causeway Bay. But a long term lease apartment rental service can save you money by providing a fully furnished and equipped apartment (often with kitchenette) for just $100-$150 per night. Add to that the freedom of self-catering and you have an affordable long term lease apartment alternative to pricey hotel rooms.

Service apartment properties are also an ideal pet friendly studio apartment choice if you're looking for longer term accommodations. Many apartment rental services offer monthly rates and even pet friendly studio apartment terms that make it much more affordable than staying in hotels every month. The term "serviced apartment" is widely understood among the property management and buying communities in Hong Kong. However, to non-locals, this term may sound foreign and confusing. Given that the term "serviced apartment" is used to describe a variety of pet friendly studio apartment types, including budget hotels and spas, it's perhaps not surprising that there's some confusion over what the term actually means.

A service apartment in Hong Kong refers to a pet friendly serviced apartment that provides local residents with short-term accommodation during periods of temporary need – such as business trips, family visits or vacations. Typically, service apartment options may be provided by hotels or service apartment flats, but increasingly we're seeing other pet friendly serviced apartment organisations providing this kind of pet friendly serviced apartment accommodation too. Another benefit of service apartment properties is their location. While some hotels are located very close to tourist attractions and business centres, others are across town in less desirable neighbourhoods.

Service apartment properties tend to be clustered in areas convenient to both tourists and business travellers alike - close to restaurants, shops, transportation hubs and entertainment centres. What are some of the other benefits that come with choosing a service apartment or a service apartment pet friendly over a hotel room?

  • Price: Service apartment properties are often more affordable than hotels. Many service apartment properties from Apartment O in Happy Valley and Causeway Bay offer free Wi-Fi and parking. Service apartment options also have kitchens where you can prepare your own meals. These service apartment pet friendly factors help to make them much cheaper than staying at a hotel.

  • Location: Hotels are only convenient if service apartment options are located in the city centre or near tourist spots. This can make it difficult to get around. Apartment O service apartment properties, on the other hand, are located in Happy Valley and Causeway Bay near public transportation hubs, making it easier to explore the city on foot. Also, many of service apartment pet friendly flats provide shuttles to nearby tourist spots so that you don't have to waste time travelling by car or taking public transportation one way and then walking back to your lease apartment after your day

Hong Kong is the most expensive city in the world and living a comfortable life here is not cheap. If you are planning to live in HK for a long time then you might want to consider renting a lease apartment that has facilities like a swimming pool, gym or even a rooftop garden. The service apartment is one type of lease apartment that has become very popular in HK and it offers everything you need for a comfortable lifestyle. It comes with facilities for people who are looking for convenient yet affordable housing.

Service apartment properties have been around since the 1970s as a form of hotel alternative without the hotel amenities. Many tourists use service apartment properties as their first choice of one bedroom apartment accommodation when service apartment options visit Hong Kong because of its convenience and affordability. Service apartment properties are located in various places all over Hong Kong including Happy Valley, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mong Kok and Kowloon Tong. Most of the one bedroom apartment rooms are equipped with kitchen facilities so visitors can cook their own meals in the comfort of their own home (apartment).

The one bedroom apartment amenities of service apartment properties in Hong Kong are quite similar to those of service apartment flats in other parts of the world. There are cafes, restaurants, bars and supermarkets within the building. Apart from this, service apartment options also have common pet friendly apartment areas where residents can relax and unwind with their families. Apart from providing all the convenience of a home, some service apartment properties also offer additional benefits like loan services, banking services, pet friendly apartment management services and security services. This makes them more beneficial to residents who are busy professionals who do not have time to handle such matters.

Service apartment properties are popular with expatriates and migrants living in Hong Kong for a variety of reasons:

1. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment options are generally larger than tenement flats, allowing more room for families;

2. A small shop can be found in many service apartment complexes, which gives tenants convenient access to daily necessities;

3. In a recent survey, the Hong Kong Institute of Planners found that 60 percent of service apartment residents use public transportation, compared with 25 percent of residents from private residential buildings;

4. Apartment O Causeway Bay tenants enjoy a sense of community, as there is often a community centre that provides residents with common recreational facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts and playgrounds;

5. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment properties usually have 24-hour security staff, which means tenants don't have to worry about personal safety;

6. For those who prefer to eat out, many service apartment complexes offer restaurants on site for take-away food and convenient dining.

Reasons that make a service apartment a better option then a hotel room:

  • Economical - When you are living in a hotel, it will cost you more than $1000 per month, but a furnished apartment can save you money. With an apartment, you can cook your own meals, which will save money. You don't have to spend much on food outside when you have a kitchen at home.

  • Convenient - If your job is in Happy Valley or Causeway Bay, the furnished apartment location is perfect for you. You can go out for work and return back to relax after work. You can also meet up with friends nearby or tour around Hong Kong Island by MTR and buses.

  • Save Time - When you go shopping or out for dinner, you don't need to take the trouble to drive or take a taxi everywhere. Everything is at your furnished apartment doorstep!

  • Space - Hotel rooms are very small, while service apartment properties in Hong Kong have more space and thus Hong Kong short term lease provide a feeling of comfort and well-being;

  • Value - Hong Kong short term lease service apartment properties are usually cheaper than hotel rooms of the same quality and size;

  • Convenience - Service apartment properties provide a kitchenette, so you can save money by cooking your own meals. This is especially convenient if you plan to stay in Hong Kong for an extended period of time;

  • Safety - Pet friendly studio apartment can be dangerous because service apartment options are always crowded with strangers, and service apartment options don't offer much security;

  • Privacy - Service apartment properties typically come with keycard locks, so no one will enter your Pet friendly studio apartment without your permission;

  • Comfort - A private Pet friendly studio apartment allows you to relax without disturbing the neighbours or having them disturb you.

Service apartment properties are a great alternative to the high-cost of hotel rooms. There are many service apartment properties in Hong Kong, but not all of the pet friendly serviced apartment options offer the same value. The one you choose will have a direct impact on your vacation experience. If you are in Hong Kong and are considering renting a service apartment, please contact Apartment O for the best experience!

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