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Service Apartment | What's The Difference Between A Motel And A Service Apartment?

Hong Kong short term lease Service apartment is an apartment that comes fully-furnished. It is basically a type of furnished apartment wherein the services are provided on a regular basis like cleaning, housekeeping, etc. The apartments are usually within complexes or buildings and they are rented out to individuals, families or business travellers for short or long term lease apartment stays.

service apartment flats do not flaunt any hotel-like services and the guests are left with the option of self-service kind of stay. In Hong Kong short term lease service apartment flats, the entire responsibility of cooking rests on the tenant’s shoulders. Service apartment flats in general charge less as compared to what hotels charge. However, if you have certain necessities to be met by the landlord, then he may charge extra. These days, many hotels offer service apartment flats and furnished apartment options as well to meet their guests’ demands who prefer to stay in an independent apartment like Apartment O Causeway Bay rather than a room in a hotel.

A motel is very different from a service apartment or a furnished apartment as it offers accommodation for tourists at minimal rates and does not include all the amenities that a hotel would offer. Hence, motels are also known as motor hotels which allows people who travel by car to stay in the Apartment O Causeway Bay flats overnight. These hotels are situated near busy highways so that travellers can stop over for a few hours before heading towards their destination again.

Motels are usually located on major highways in cities, towns and along the outskirts of metropolitan areas. This allows Apartment O Causeway Bay to provide convenient lodging for travellers who need a place to stay during a long road trip unlike the Hong Kong short term lease apartments. Motels are also located along beaches, ski resorts and in other vacation destinations. Since they are often located near major tourist attractions, they may offer discounted tickets to local amusement parks, museums or theatres. Many motels include complimentary breakfast in the room rate, but do not offer food service beyond this. In addition, most motels are independently owned and operated by small business owners who manage each property on an individual basis not like staying in a pet friendly serviced apartment.

service apartment flats or the pet friendly serviced apartment options (also called apartment hotels) are accommodations that have all of the amenities of extended-stay hotels, such as fully-equipped kitchens and laundry rooms; however, the pet friendly apartment flats usually offer more space than traditional hotel rooms. service apartment flats such as the apartment three bedroom typically have separate bedrooms and common areas with couches and television sets that are connected to cable or satellite television providers. Some service apartment flats like the one bedroom apartment also include fireplaces or balconies.

They can be found in major metropolitan areas as well as smaller cities and towns throughout the country. In some cases,lease apartment types of service apartment complexes are leased through real estate agents or other rental agencies for a predetermined length of time. With the rapid development of travel and tourism, more and more people travel to different places for sightseeing, leisure, business and other purposes. However, with the apartment three bedroom increasing demand of pet friendly studio apartment accommodation by tourists, traditional hotel industry has been unable to keep up with the pace that’s why service apartments and pet friendly apartment options is a better choice. In order to meet the needs of the market, the motel industry is developing rapidly in recent years.

Motel and Service Apartment such as the pet friendly serviced apartment are two types of accommodations which people use for their travel. These two types of accommodations can be used for a long period of time in a long term lease apartment or short. However, these two accommodations have some differences between them regarding their features. Service Apartment or a pet friendly apartment is a self-contained apartment that provides facilities such as kitchen, washing machine, dryer and many more. Motel is an accommodation with a parking area to park the cars of the guests. The apartment three bedroom is the key difference between a motel and service apartment. There are some other differences between motel and service apartment which are given in the following article in detail.

What is a Service Apartment?

Service apartment is a self-contained accommodation that provides facilities such as a kitchen, washing machine, dryer, ironing board and many more. Service apartment provides accommodation for both apartment short term lease and long term lease apartment stay. People who travel for business purposes or leisure use these service apartment flats with their families or friends when they visit different places.

Many service apartment flats and pet friendly studio apartment options offer housekeeping services during the weekdays since they provide these services only on request on weekends. The one bedroom apartment type of those service apartment flats have a common area where anyone can relax while watching television or reading newspapers and magazines. It includes an outdoor swimming pool where kids can play while adults can relax after swimming.

The definition of motel is: a hotel consisting of a group of cabins with a parking area for motor vehicles. Motels are frequent subjects of motoring films. Nowadays, there are plenty of motels and pet friendly studio apartment flats that provide different levels of service which range from very basic to luxury in different parts of the world. But what's the difference between a motel and Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment?

The difference between a motel and the Hong Kong short term lease service apartment is the number of rooms, the size and layout of each room, and the facilities offered. Whereas motels are small, have limited amenities and are often located on a highway or byway, service apartment flats have more rooms like the apartment three bedroom, larger areas for each room and better amenities.

service apartment flats like the apartment three bedroom options offer many of the comforts of home. Because they are often situated in a business district or in an area with many tourist attractions and restaurants like Happy Valley and Causeway Bay, the pet friendly serviced apartment flats are typically quite convenient. Apartment O also provides large rooms with a kitchen and dining area. Because they are designed to be temporary housing, Apartment O flats usually include all the appliances and utensils you need to prepare your own meals.

For travellers who stay in hotels only because they have no other option, service apartment flats can be a welcome change. The lease apartment offers all of the conveniences you would expect from your own home at a reasonable price. While it's true that there is some overlap between the three, each one bedroom apartment offers a unique experience, and depending on your needs, you'll find that these distinctions become important. The difference is largely in the amenities they offer, their style of lodging and their ideal customer.

Motels are generally small to medium-sized hotels with no restaurants or lobby. They have an exterior door leading directly into each room, which is usually located on the ground floor, and are often located near a highway or interstate. For this reason, the pet friendly studio apartment flats are seen as providing quick access to travellers passing through, and not as much for long term lease apartment stays or permanent residence.

Hotels are larger than motels and usually come with a restaurant and/or lobby bar. Rooms can be on any floor of the building and are accessed via elevators or stairways. The lease apartment options are often located in Happy Valley and Causeway Bay in Hong Kong which are densely populated areas and cater to business travellers and tourists alike who are seeking lodging for a few days or more. Hotels also tend to offer more amenities like room service, laundry services and fitness centres. While they can be more expensive than motels, the lease apartment sometimes have lower rates than service apartment flats such as the lease apartment options because they have higher occupancy rates due to their popularity. service apartment flats are fully furnished apartment flats.

We all know the difference between a Hotel and a service apartment. We know that motels are cheap and located right off the highway, where service apartment flats like the one bedroom apartment are nicer and more expensive. But what about a service apartment?

Well, a service apartment is basically a cross between a hotel and an apartment or condo. They're self-contained units that provide everything you need for both apartment short term lease and long term lease apartment stays. Unlike most hotels, service apartment flats are usually fully furnished apartment buildings as well. They're not just for long-term stays either. Many people actually prefer them to hotels because they offer more space and privacy than most hotels, while still offering services like housekeeping and guest services. So if you're looking for an alternative to a hotel on your next trip, consider staying at a service apartment such as the long term lease apartment instead!

A Motel vs. A Service Apartment

Many travellers are confused with motel and Hong Kong short term lease service apartment units, they think they are the same because they can both provide accommodation that have rooms with a kitchen. However, if you look into the details of the two types of accommodation, you will find out that the furnished apartment options are not the same at all. Here are the differences between a motel and a service apartment:

Size of Room

Motels have small rooms that do not have living areas or bedrooms; however, service apartment flats have very large rooms like the apartment two bedroom that usually have living areas or bedrooms in them.

Type of Kitchen Equipment

In motels, you will only get hot plates and microwaves; however, in service apartment flats and pet friendly apartment flats in Hong Kong, you will get full kitchen equipment like ovens and stoves. In addition, some service apartment flats even offer dishwashers in their rooms.


Motels are located on highway exits while service apartment flats and pet friendly apartment options are located within cities or business centres so they can be easily accessible to office buildings, shopping malls and restaurants.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment is relatively new in Hong Kong. This type of accommodation is designed for business people who plan to stay for quite some time, usually more than a week or even months in the long term lease apartment. Unlike hotels or motels, service apartment flats have complete facilities such as kitchen, living room and bedroom that resemble real houses. The difference between an apartment and a service apartment is that a service apartment such as the apartment three bedroom provides more services like room cleaning, laundry, etc..

A service apartment or the lease apartment is the perfect blend between a hotel and an apartment. It is designed to offer guests the best of both worlds, with the ultimate goal of providing a home away from home experience. As such, it is equipped with all the amenities needed to comfortably accommodate guests on a short in an apartment short term lease or extended stay basis.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment is typically larger than a hotel room and offers more privacy. More often than not, in the apartment two bedroom you will have access to a full-sized kitchen and living area where you can relax and entertain family or friends. You don’t have to worry about stiff schedules as you can prepare your own meals at your pet friendly studio apartment convenience while still enjoying hotel-style services like housekeeping, laundry etc. As such, if you are going on vacation or travelling for business and are looking for a comfortable and convenient place to stay in a Hong Kong short term lease flat for a few days or longer, then consider booking one of Apartment O service apartment units instead of a hotel room in Happy Valley and Causeway Bay.

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