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Service Apartment - What It's Like Living In A Service Apartment In Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

There are many reasons as to why you may want to live in a service apartment such as apartment short term lease in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley. One of the most common reasons is that you are new to Hong Kong, or are planning on staying here for a short period of time (ie. on business) and you don't want to commit to a service apartment or long term lease apartment. Living in Hong Kong is expensive. Most of the time, the cost of living can be easily justified by the high salaries that are on offer. Even so, there are times when you will feel like you're paying too much for a one bedroom apartment of the service apartment options to stay. If you've ever lived in a service apartment, you'll know what I mean.

When faced with this situation, many people will start looking at places in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley. But living in a service apartment and furnished apartment in Hong Kong is very convenient, though the experience can vary depending on the building and the management company. In Hong Kong, people live in a service apartment or one bedroom apartments primarily because they are more affordable than buying a house. So you will find that most apartments are packed with families and shared by multiple tenants. Most of my neighbours were working class people like me who rented rooms or apartments in order to have access to good schools, transportation and lower cost of living.

However, there were quite a few elderly couples who were renting out their large service apartment (apartment three bedrooms) for extra income. Although our building was full of families, there were also some young professionals who rented whole apartments for themselves. In recent years many service apartment or furnished apartment properties have been built in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley areas for expatriates working in Hong Kong on short term contracts for banks or multinational companies.

Causeway Bay is one of the main districts in Hong Kong with a lot of restaurants, shopping malls, bars, clubs and entertainment areas. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment will be a great choice for your stay if you want to live in a spacious room. If you are living in a hotel, you may need to share bathroom facilities with other people in the building or floor. But when you choose to live in a service apartment or service apartment pet friendly, have your own kitchen, bathroom, you can cook your own food anytime you want. Causeway Bay is near Sheung Wan and Central MTR stations which means that it is easy to get around Hong Kong by public transport. There are also a lot of buses serving the Causeway Bay area. You can even find many food stalls along the street which provide delicious local cuisines at cheap prices!

You can also find many entertainment places nearby. For example Lan Kwai Fong and Paterson street night markets are two of the best places for shopping and dining in Hong Kong.Trying to find a service apartment (lease apartments) for rent in Causeway Bay isn't always easy. It can be difficult to find a good place at an affordable price and if you do happen upon such an option, it probably won't be in the best neighbourhood.

For those reasons, most people who move to Hong Kong decide that a Hong Kong short term lease service apartment is the best option. These are service apartments or furnished apartments that are offered by an agency and rented by the month rather than on a long-term basis. They are generally found in older buildings with small rooms and shared bathrooms, but no one is going to use them as their long-term home.

The cost of living in these flats is significantly less than what it would cost to rent an apartment with more amenities. These places are also conveniently located within walking distance of shopping malls and other things that new Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment residents will need when they first arrive in Hong Kong. So how does one find a cheap service apartment or an apartment short term lease place to live in Hong Kong? Well, one option is to rent a service pet friendly apartment (or a service apartment). A service apartment is basically a small studio flat with shared facilities such as a kitchen and bathroom.

The main difference between apartments and pet friendly serviced apartment or service apartment properties is that service apartment properties are relatively cheaper because they offer less privacy than regular apartment two bedroom. A service apartment, or a service apartment and pet friendly studio apartment (government-approved ones are referred to as "serviced residential apartments") is similar to a hotel room and is a popular option for business travellers and tourists in Hong Kong. Many hotels are located in the same building as their restaurants and shopping malls.

Travellers often choose to stay in a service apartment (lease apartment) instead of a hotel when they do not plan on spending much time in their service apartment one bedroom apartment, or when they want more privacy. A typical service apartment like long term lease apartments has a kitchenette which includes a refrigerator, sink, oven, stovetop, and microwave. They also usually have an ironing board and iron. They may provide laundry services and cleaning services; however, this varies by location. In some cases, the cleaning staff will clean only after check-out. A 24-hour reception desk is standard; some service apartments and pet friendly apartments also offer a concierge.

If you are looking for a service apartment or service apartment pet friendly to stay in Hong Kong during your next visit, consider choosing a service apartment or an apartment short term lease with easy access to public transportation and major attractions. A pet friendly studio apartment or service apartment is a luxury apartment that is designed for longer stays. If you are planning a stay of more than two months, then a service apartment or furnished apartment is the way to go. service apartment properties are provided by hotels or a service apartments and they are generally rented on a monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the length of stay

The common areas of the large service apartment like apartment three bedroom are often shared with other tenants, but you will have your own bedroom and bathroom. Some Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment properties provide cooking facilities, washing machines, and dryers, while others offer laundry services. Corporate housing is another form of service apartment or long term lease apartment. A service apartment is an independent flat with a private kitchen, bathroom and toilet. You will get complete privacy when staying in these Hong Kong short term lease service apartment options. Service apartment properties in Causeway Bay are near MTR stations and within walking distance to shopping centres and restaurants.

Service apartment (lease apartment) properties in Causeway Bay are either high-rise buildings or low-rise buildings located on main roads. The main advantages of living in a service apartment or furnished apartment include easy access to public transportation, convenience stores and supermarkets, banks and foreign exchange bureaus as well as a wide variety of restaurants. With such ease of access to shops and restaurants it makes life easier for expats.

The apartment two bedroom service apartment in Hong Kong is the best choice for people who have a short time to live in Hong Kong and are looking for an accommodation near to the place where they work. Travelling to Hong Kong on business? You might have to stay in a service apartment pet friendly or service apartment. Why? It's much cheaper than staying in a hotel and it's usually in a nice neighbourhood full of expats instead of tourists. So what's the catch? It's often small, so it's not great for families. And it might be far away from where you work, so you'll waste time commuting every day.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment is basically a one bedroom apartment that is furnished and managed by the building's owner. They are popular with expats and travellers because they are clean, comfortable, and affordable (especially compared to hotels), but they are also convenient because they are located in prime areas with good restaurants, close to public transportation, and other amenities like gyms. If you've never used one before, it can be hard to know what to expect. Service apartment pet friendly and service apartment properties are often occupied by young professionals, students and expatriates.

The majority of them are in Hong Kong Island, but there are also a few in Kowloon, New Territories and the Outlying Islands. There is no legal definition of a "service apartment” (lease apartment). The name is used by developers to refer to a property that is divided into smaller units and offered for apartment short term lease service apartment rent on a short-term basis, usually one year or less. Such properties have the basic amenities found in hotels but with facilities for long-term living such as kitchens and laundry machines.

The standard one bedroom apartment measures about 300 square feet (28 square metres) and consists of a bedroom, bathroom, kitchenette and living area. Units can be either furnished apartments or unfurnished. They are usually rented on an all-inclusive basis which includes electricity, gas, water, weekly cleaning of common areas and daily cleaning of guestrooms. Management fees vary between owners, but they usually include free internet access and cable television.

Apartment O offers service apartments and furnished apartments for rent in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong. Service apartments in Hong Kong can be found all over the city, but one of the most popular locations is the Causeway Bay area. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartments in Causeway Bay may be a good option for someone who wants to live alone, but does not have a lot of money to spend on rent. The rent for service apartments is usually less expensive than renting an entire apartment.

With the development of online booking platforms, it has become much easier to find a service apartment (lease apartment) that meets your needs. We do extensive research on available listings to bring you only the best options in each location. Please contact Apartment O with any questions you may have and we will work hard to find aHong Kong short term lease service apartment that fits your needs and budget.

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