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Service Apartment | What Are The Different Types Of Rental Service Apartment Properties?

In Hong Kong, as elsewhere, service apartment property rental has grown to such an extent that tenancy law has also experienced unprecedented growth. From the general regime of the apartment short term lease appearing in the Civil Code through the specific regimes applicable to the different types of leases, (residential, commercial professional) real estate rental apartment short term lease has attracted the attention of lawyers, economists, politicians, and professionals of the immovable.

The apartment short term lease field of real estate rental has quite naturally diversified due to economic and social needs. To meet these needs, concepts have emerged such as "social housing" for people with modest incomes, "furnished apartment three bedroom housing" for those who are unable to furnish type of an service apartment, land rentals as well, for meet a specific need, or parking, with the apartment three bedroom increased problems of city centers.

Similarly, depending on the intended use of the leased apartment three bedroom type of service apartment property, or the duration of the lease envisaged, it may be a main residence, a student rental for the duration of the school year, a rental short term long term lease apartment vacation.

Within The Seasonal Rental, There Is A Rather Special Type Of Rental, Carried Out Free Of Charge In Almost The Majority Of Cases:

the exchange of service apartment houses. This new long term lease apartment practice tends to spread gradually and argues for a new type of vacation, based certainly on a concern for financial savings but also on a new long term lease apartment type of vacation, discovering a life with the locals.

Other Types Of Rental Relate More To The Professional Field

Thus, pet friendly serviced apartment options are common for service apartment units to be rented out as offices for companies. The pet friendly serviced apartment rules are also specific with regard to the rental of commercial premises.

  1. Housing can be classified into Two Main Categories: those pet friendly serviced apartment options that already have furniture, and those that do not have it on the date the lease is signed.

  2. We speak respectively of furnished rental service apartment pet friendly and empty rental.

  3. Each of these service apartment pet friendly types of rental is subject to a different legal regime.

The service apartment pet friendly classification of the real estate lease can also depend on whether it is a new dwelling or an old dwelling. The main lease apartment differences are at the level of the energy performance of the service apartment building, and concern the possibility of real estate tax exemption.

See The Details Of Each Type Of Rental:

  • Empty lease apartment

  • rental furnished lease apartment

  • rental vacation one bedroom apartment

  • rental commercial one bedroom apartment

  • space rental office rental one bedroom apartment

What Are The Different Types Of Housing Available?

Whether you decide to rent or buy a pet friendly apartment home, there is a wide variety:

Service Apartment (Suite)

The pet friendly apartment Includes one or more bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom and living room. A “studio” (bachelor) is a room with a kitchenette and a bathroom. A one-room pet friendly apartment type of service apartment has a small bedroom that overlooks another room.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment units can be in a service apartment building or in a service apartment house. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment buildings can be quite high (from 6 to 30 stories with an elevator) or low rise (less than six stories without an elevator). The owner of the service apartment units is the landlord; he rents the furnished apartment out to tenants.

Condominium (Condominium Or Condo)

Apartment O Causeway Bay type of ownership that involves the purchase of a unit in an service apartment or service apartment building or townhouse furnished apartment complex, without giving you ownership of the land. Each owner pays their own mortgage, taxes, utility bills, and monthly fees for maintaining the service apartment property. It is sometimes possible to rent a furnished apartment condo from its owner.


A service apartment house separated into two separate Hong Kong short term lease type of service apartment units, located one above the other. The Hong Kong short term lease owner of a duplex can live in one service apartment and rent the other or rent both Apartment O service apartment units to tenants. A "triplex" Hong Kong short term lease is a service apartment house separated into three separate service apartment units.

Detached Service Apartment House

A simple service apartment house owned by one or more people. The happy valley apartment can rent one or more rooms or the whole service apartment house.

Semi-Detached Service Apartment House

A single service apartment house having a common wall with another happy valley apartment type of service apartment house. Apartment O service apartment houses are located next to each other and are adjoining.


A small happy valley apartment type of service apartment house that is part of a row of similar types of service apartment houses. service apartment houses can be purchased or rented serviced apartment hk island.


A rented serviced apartment hk island room in a service apartment or house. If the tenant shares the kitchen, bathroom and living room with other serviced apartment hk island tenants, this type of accommodation is called a shared type of service apartment. The mention of “room and board” means that meals are included.

Apartment O Guide to short term rental Housing in Hong Kong – a guide created by Causeway Bay Mortgage and Housing short term rental Corporation ( CMHC) which is Hong Kong national housing agency. Choosing a safe place to live

Advice On How To Choose A Neighborhood And Service Apartment Building To Live In

  • An Introduction to Renting in Causeway Bay - A short term rental Guide for Landlords and Tenants.

  • Settling in Causeway Bay - Profiles of some major cities and pet friendly service apartment regions of Happy Valley.

  • Real Estate Tenant Commission in Happy Valley- Get help with cases related to renting a pet friendly service apartment home.

If You Are The Sole Owner Of A Service Apartment Property, You Have Full Ownership Of It

This pet friendly service apartment is the most common form of ownership. You are the only master on board! You can occupy the hong kong island serviced apartment accommodation, profit from it (by renting it out, for example) and dispose of it as you wish by selling it or giving it away.

As full owner, your only signature is enough to separate you from the service apartment property... with one hong kong island serviced apartment exception! Indeed, if you are married and if the accommodation constitutes the hong kong island serviced apartment residence of your family, the agreement of your spouse is mandatory.


A service apartment building is co-owned if a hotel pet friendly is divided into at least two lots, each belonging to different people. The hotel pet friendly majority of service apartment units are subject to this regime. Individual service apartment houses grouped together can also be co-owned, if the land supporting the service apartment houses is common. This hotel pet friendly is called “horizontal co-ownership”. Co-ownership is governed by the law of July 10, 1965 and the decree of March 10, 1967.

These lee garden apartment texts provide, among other things, for mandatory management by a trustee (professional or voluntary) and the organization of a general meeting of co-owners at least once a year. If you are a co-owner, you own a private lee garden apartment portion (the rooms in your home) in full ownership and a share of the common lee garden apartment portions.

The Dismemberment Of Ownership

The service apartment happy valley dismemberment of ownership consists in dividing the full ownership of a good. The right of enjoyment (use or service apartment happy valley rental of the service apartment property) belongs to the usufructuary and the right of ownership to the bare owner. The service apartment happy valley dismemberment is governed by articles 578 and following of the Civil Code.

The studio for rent usufru sanctuary must ensure the day-to-day maintenance of the service apartment property and pay the charges related to use (for example, the residence tax). He must also pay Wealth Tax (ISF), calculated on the full studio for rent ownership value of the service apartment property. The bare studio for rent owner, on the other hand, is responsible for major repairs: the walls, the repair of the roof, etc.).

Joint Ownership

You are in a causeway bay service apartment situation of joint ownership if several of you own the same service apartment property. Joint ownership can be suffered (on the occasion of a death, for example) or voluntary. This causeway bay service apartment is the case if you are buying your first home together (as an unmarried couple, for example).

In this case, you are each causeway bay service apartment owner up to your financial participation during the acquisition (50/50, 30/70....). Make sure everyone's contribution is clearly specified when signing at the hong kong short term rental notary!

Life Annuity And Term Sale

The hong kong short term rental purchase of a life annuity type of service apartment property is done in two stages. The day of the signature at the notary, you pay a sum of money (called "bouquet") then you pay a monthly annuity until the death of the seller. The life annuity is generally "occupied", and the hong kong short term rental seller occupies the accommodation until his death.

You take possession of the service apartment property only then. The studio apartment term sale is sometimes considered as an alternative to life annuity. After the studio apartment payment of an initial sum, the annuity is paid for a fixed period, fixed upon signature of the contract. You become the owner when you have paid the number of monthly installments agreed with the studio apartment seller.

Full ownership, co-ownership, dismembered ownership or joint ownership: real estate ownership can take many forms. What you need to know about each of the hk apartment.

The Different Types Of Real Estate On The Market In Happy Valley

Among all the hk apartment types of goods offered by sellers on real estate advertisements, you must ask yourself if they really correspond to your expectations. Depending on your life projects, you will be able to move towards the definition of a suitable hk apartment.

Definition Of Real Estate: Apartment For Living In Town

service apartment hk is necessarily located in a building. It corresponds to the most common property in urban or peri-urban areas.From studios to 5 service apartment hk rooms, each area corresponds to a particular buyer. To classify them, the letter F or T is associated with the number of main parts available. Corresponding to the most available service apartment hk type of property on the market, it is easy to find a property of this nature to buy and to negotiate the price given the causeway bay hotel competition.

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