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Service Apartment | The Convenience Of Renting A Service Apartment

Hong Kong Apartments has the service apartment finest selection of studio and one bedroom apartments for short or long term stays from Apartment O. Set in prime one bedroom apartment locations to give you the Hong Kong short term lease service apartment's most flexible lifestyle, including Happy Valley and Causeway Bay, we take care of all your needs. Our high quality and modern apartments offer you a stylish space to call home while you are in Apartment O Causeway Bay Hong Kong

Enjoy all the Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment conveniences of home in our Apartment O Hong Kong apartments, which include a one bedroom apartment, a well-equipped kitchen, modern bathroom and comfortable living area. With separate sleeping, eating and entertaining spaces, they’re ideal for extended stays or friends and families holidaying together. Homes2go also has an extensive range of Hong Kong short term lease serviced apartments available – ideal for business travellers looking for maximum comfort and convenience in Happy Valley.

Apartment Finder – Residential and Commercial Property

Our portfolio includes some of the Hong Kong short term lease service apartment best apartments in Causeway Bay Hong Kong at great value price. We have hand-picked this selection to give something for everyone and every location. With our wealth of experience and knowledge of one bedroom apartment properties in these buildings, you can rest assured that your booking is with a trusted agency. Are you looking to visit Happy Valley Hong Kong or another part of Asia and need a great place to stay at a reasonable price? You should also check out what type of services the service apartment such as the long term lease apartment provides. Is there a concierge service on-site?

This means that someone can help you out when you need something or help with any problems with your furnished apartment or building. You may also get housekeeping services included in your rental so that your rooms will be cleaned regularly and kept tidy. Service apartment living is on the rise, but it is not just travellers that are moving into the service apartment pet friendly handy havens. The Hong Kong short term lease service apartment can be a great way to save money, enjoy extra amenities in the one bedroom apartment and create a home away from home in Hong Kong, whether you are here for business or pleasure. However, before you move in, it is important to know what to look for in a service apartment.

Laundry Facilities

If you are staying in Hong Kong in a long term lease apartment, chances are you will need to do some laundry. Whether you have your washing machine and dryer in your pet friendly studio apartment or have access to a communal one, laundry facilities are essential for an extended stay. Even if you plan on using a local laundromat for the bulk of your washing needs, being able to do the odd load of washing at home will help cut down on the cost of the apartment short term lease and time spent doing laundry away from the apartment. Staying with us means you’ll be in a great location with easy access to some of the service apartment city’s best attractions, shopping and entertainment one bedroom apartment venues. Guests will also benefit from our many onsite Hong Kong short term lease facilities such as swimming pools and gyms in Causeway Bay.

Our Causeway Bay Hong Kong serviced apartments offer great value, with high quality Apartment O Causeway Bay finishes and an excellent level of service apartment service and security. We are specialists in providing short-term Hong Kong short term lease accommodation in Apartment O Hong Kong for business one bedroom apartment travellers and families who are new to the service apartment city and need to find somewhere quickly. Rooms range from studios to 3 service apartment bedroom apartments by Apartment O.

Hong Kong Apartments is one of Asia's premier providers of fully furnished Apartment O Causeway Bay apartments. Whether it’s a suite in a vibrant Apartment O Hong Kong or an apartment in quiet New Hong Kong short term lease Territories, we've got it all covered. Happy Valley Hong Kong Apartments is a member of the service apartment HKTDC and we pride ourselves on our quality and service. We are committed to helping you choose the best short-term one bedroom apartment in Hong Kong for you and your family.

Hong Kong Serviced Apartments

Choose from our expansive portfolio of Hong Kong apartments and you’re always guaranteed comfort, incredible amenities, in fantastic one bedroom apartment locations. We provide a wide variety of self catering apartments for all types of stays, so whether you’re on holiday or on business, Hong Kong short term lease travelling as a group or by yourself, we are sure to have the service apartment with the right accommodation to suit your needs.

Our team of agents have over 15 years of experience on the service apartment market and have helped hundreds of expats successfully find their one bedroom apartment perfect apartment, home or office in Hong Kong short term lease Hong Kong. All our properties are just a short walking distance to a convenient line MTR station and shopping malls.

Hong Kong Short Term Lease Service Apartment Is An Apartment That Comes Fully-Furnished

It is basically a type of furnished apartment wherein the services are provided on a regular basis like cleaning, housekeeping, etc. The apartments are usually within complexes or buildings and they are rented out to individuals, families or business travellers for short or long term lease apartment stays.

service apartments do not flaunt any hotel-like services and the guests are left with the option of self-service kind of stay. In Hong Kong short term lease service apartments, the entire responsibility of cooking rests on the tenant’s shoulders. service apartments in general charge less as compared to what hotels charge. However, if you have certain necessities to be met by the landlord, then he may charge extra. These days, many hotels offer service apartments and furnished apartment options as well to meet their guests’ demands who prefer to stay in an independent apartment like Apartment O Causeway Bay rather than a room in a hotel.

A motel is very different from a service apartment or a furnished apartment as it offers accommodation for tourists at minimal rates and does not include all the amenities that a hotel would offer. Hence, motels are also known as motor hotels which allows people who travel by car to stay in the Apartment O Causeway Bay flats overnight. These hotels are situated near busy highways so that travellers can stop over for a few hours before heading towards their destination again.

Service Apartment Is Generally Small To Medium-Sized Hotels With No Restaurants Or Lobby

They have an exterior door leading directly into each room, which is usually located on the ground floor, and are often located near a highway or interstate. For this reason, the pet friendly studio apartment flats are seen as providing quick access to travellers passing through, and not as much for long term lease apartment stays or permanent residence. service apartments or the pet friendly serviced apartment options (also called apartment hotels) are accommodations that have all of the amenities of extended-stay hotels, such as fully-equipped kitchens and laundry rooms; however, the pet friendly apartment flats usually offer more space than traditional hotel rooms. service apartments such as the apartment three bedroom typically have separate bedrooms and common areas with couches and television sets that are connected to cable or satellite television providers.

The Convenience Of Renting A Service Apartment

First of all, the top reason why people rent service apartments is that the pet friendly serviced apartment flats are convenient. There are many reasons why Hong Kong short term lease service apartment are called convenient but mainly because it is a hassle-free kind of living. Most people who are into renting an apartment short term lease Service Apartment unit have their reasons for doing so. Renters usually have different priorities and concerns in life, that is why they prefer living in the Service Apartment unit by Happy Valley to buying their own house and lot.

Some renters have already bought their own house, but they do not want to be bothered with taking care of the service apartment pet friendly so they choose to rent out their houses instead and move into service apartment or furnished apartment units. Some renters just love the convenience that an apartment Offers because the lease apartment places do not require them to maintain their yard or clean up the pool and such. Those who rent out a Service Apartment or a pet friendly apartment, just pay for their monthly dues, and then everything else is taken care of by the landlord in Causeway Bay.

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