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Service Apartment - Service Apartment vs. Hotel: What I Wish I Knew Before Moving to Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so it is not surprising that many travellers are looking for a cheap alternative to a hotel while they are travelling. An apartment short term lease service apartment can be an excellent option. However, there are some things to know before you book a service apartment in Hong Kong. Let’s Apartment O show you in this post all you need to know about a service apartment and why it is different to a hotel room.

Service apartment properties are furnished apartments with all of the same facilities as a hotel. They often include kitchenettes and laundry facilities, along with cable television, maid services and other conveniences. The apartment short term lease can be rented by the night or week, depending on your needs. There are many different kinds of service apartment properties available in Hong Kong, so you can choose one apartment short term lease that best suits your budget and needs. We all know that a hotel is a place to stay, but what is a service apartment? The term "service apartment" is used in Hong Kong and Macau. The name of the service apartment is more or less similar in Mainland China and Taiwan. In other places, the term may be different.

As a matter of fact, service apartment long term lease apartment rooms and hotels both provide you with a bedroom to stay in; however, the differences between them are obvious. Some people are not clear on the differences. Actually, here's a detailed introduction for you by Apartment O.

To understand the difference between a serviced apartment and a hotel, we must first define what a service apartment is. A service apartment, or serviced apartment, is a modern style of accommodation where you can find all the services of a hotel at a lower cost. They are usually furnished long term lease apartment flats that provide everything you need to feel at home, from cooking facilities to laundry machines to Internet access and even daily cleaning service. The average stay in these apartments is between one to three months but a pet friendly studio apartment is also available for shorter periods.

They are especially suitable for families who have children as it allows them to cook their own meals and not have to eat out every day, there is often an outdoor space where children can play safely, making them ideal for family holidays. Service apartment pet friendly studio apartment properties are often used by business travellers to extend their stay in Hong Kong. The longer the stay, the cheaper the apartment. service apartment properties are not hotels, however, and there are several important differences between them.

There may be no desk clerks, no pet friendly serviced apartment service and no cleaning services, either. Sometimes you'll have to supply your own toilet paper or soap. Some might have a pet friendly serviced apartment and refrigerator; some might not. Many have common laundry facilities where guests can clean their clothes. Most offer Internet access and an in-house movie library, but they're not always available 24 hours a day.

A service apartment is a great place for business travellers to stay. The lease apartment offers comfort, convenience and privacy at a good price. The lease apartment is often located in the heart of the city, close to transportation and surrounded by shopping, dining and entertainment options. Service apartment properties are also an economical choice for families or individuals on vacation.

All of these differences mean that you should carefully check a service apartment's amenities before you book it — especially when it's significantly cheaper than comparable hotels — and make sure it has everything you want before you check in your one bedroom apartment. When you travel to Hong Kong, it is always a good choice to stay in a service apartment since there are various kinds of hotels and hostels in the city. service apartment properties are a great choice for visitors to Hong Kong. They're less expensive than hotels, offer a variety of amenities and services, and a one bedroom apartment gives you more freedom and privacy.

The only drawback is that you have less control over your surroundings, because you don't have direct access to the hotel's staff or facilities.

Service apartment properties have become increasingly popular in Hong Kong and a pet friendly apartment provides an alternative to expensive hotels. A service apartment is basically a furnished apartment that can be rented for a shorter period of time, such as a few days or a month. Pet friendly apartment service apartment properties are basically serviced apartments. They can be found and rented in places such as Causeway Bay or Happy Valley for anything from four hours to five years. The pet friendly apartment is furnished and equipped with everything you will need to relax, sleep, study or work in comfort. The rooms are usually larger than hotel rooms and come with kitchen facilities, bedding and often broadband Internet connection.

Service apartment properties can be found all over the world, specially in Hong Kong, around Causeway Bay or Happy Valley where there is a high demand for short-term furnished apartment, including Asia, Europe and North America. Advantages of the service apartment: As the name suggests, it is self-contained and fully serviced by the management company. There is no need to worry about paying bills or buying food as it is provided so you only need to load up your fridge with groceries before you arrive at your furnished apartment. Also you do not have to carry your luggage up several flights of stairs; just enter your furnished apartment and leave your luggage in the cupboard or on the bed as it will be brought up later by the porter.

A service apartment is a furnished, serviced, short-term apartment rented by hotels or individual owners. The following are the main differences between a service apartment and a hotel room:

  • Service apartment Hong Kong short term lease properties are not usually found in hotels. Instead, they are usually located in residential buildings.

  • Service apartment properties do not offer the same level of customer service as hotels do because there is no reception desk to handle your requests.

  • Service apartment Hong Kong short term lease properties do not offer food services. Thus, you will have to go out in order to eat unless you have your own kitchen. service apartment properties are usually cheaper than hotels but offer fewer amenities.

So what is the difference between a hotel and a Hong Kong short term lease service apartment? Well, it's quite simple. A hotel is managed by a hotelier, and a service apartment is managed by an apartment owner. But there are some things you should know about apartment short term lease service apartment properties, like how to choose the best one for you. If you love your privacy, don't mind living in an apartment short term lease that was designed for long-term stays by people coming from overseas, and don't really care about having the latest amenities, then you should go for a service apartment.

However, if you want to feel more at home, prefer to have all the modern amenities available to you in your long term lease apartment and prefer being surrounded by people who also live in the same building as you do, then going for a hotel would be best. Also, it's important to note that there are some hotels in Hong Kong that have been converted into service apartment long term lease apartment properties due to their popularity among travellers who want to stay longer than just one night. There are many reasons why you would choose a service apartment over a hotel room when travelling.

Travelling on business? A service apartment is your best pet friendly studio apartment as it not only provides a kitchen but also workspaces and most importantly… a quiet working environment! Travelling with family or children? You are looking for comfort, convenience and facilities to keep the kids entertained and occupied inside a pet friendly studio apartment. A service apartment definitely suits your needs as it provides all that you need for an enjoyable stay.

For short term or long term stays, a pet friendly serviced apartment service apartment offers great value for money. The rooms are fully furnished with all necessary amenities. Some even come with a designated workspace! A service apartment (also known as serviced apartment or serviced flat) is a self-catering pet friendly serviced apartment where apartments are located in a building that provides support services, such as cleaning and porterage.

Service apartment properties are mostly found in the areas of Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and Causeway Bay or Happy Valley. The lease apartment is usually close to MTR stations and bus routes. They are usually not found in the areas with high population density such as Causeway Bay or Happy Valley. Most of them lease apartment properties and provide kitchen facilities including cookers, refrigerators, microwave ovens and washing machines. It's very convenient to have your own cooking utensils like knives, chopsticks and bowls. You can save money if you cook by yourself instead of eating out every time like many tourists do. You can also prepare food for breakfast before you go out to explore the city in the morning.

The first thing you must decide is whether you want to stay at a hotel or one bedroom apartment. If you are preparing for business, then an apartment is a better choice because it will give you the feeling of home while on a business trip. If you are going to be in town for a few days and want to save some money, then pick a one bedroom apartment. is a great option.

On the other hand, if you are planning to go out with your family and see all the attractions, it may be more ideal to book a hotel that has multiple services such as free breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Hotels offer different amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, laundry services and more. Customer service is also top notch when it comes to hotels. Apartment O thinks that although a pet friendly apartment service apartment may not have all of these features, they do offer more space and privacy compared to hotels. However, this can be both a good thing and bad: privacy means no one to help when something goes wrong and space means that it can get boring after a while inside a pet friendly apartment.

All in all, it is up to the traveller on what he or she prefers but there are always pros and cons of staying in either Hong Kong short term lease service apartment properties or hotels.

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