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Service Apartment - Service Apartment: The Hong Kong Housing Solution

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Hong Kong is a very expensive place to live in. Its land resources are limited and the government provides little public housing for its people. The median monthly rent for a service apartment like a one bedroom apartment in Hong Kong is HK$12,000 (about US$1,500), and HK$15,000 (US$2,000) for apartment two bedroom service apartments. The government has been encouraging people to purchase more affordable housing in the form of a flat in an apartment building that is then shared by several families on the same floor. This could be a viable solution for some, but others will find it difficult to save enough money for a down payment on such a service apartment (lease apartment).

Expatriates working in Hong Kong or Mainland China might find service apartment or furnished apartment flats themselves in this situation. Many expatriates who were hired by Hong Kong companies do not earn very much locally; their income is often much higher than what locals make, so they end up paying income tax at over 50%. They might want to consider living in a three bedroom apartment with other expatriates who are also struggling to make ends meet. The Hong Kong housing solution is one of the most successful housing solutions in the world. This article by Apartment O explains how renting a apartment short term lease service apartment in Hong Kong can be a cost saving way to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

In recent years, Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment residences have become a popular option for companies and individuals to provide temporary accommodation to their workers in Hong Kong. There are numerous benefits to using a service apartment or a one bedroom apartment instead of a hotel or renting a service apartment long term lease apartment. The two most important are convenience and price. Service apartment residences offer affordable rents and low deposit requirements, but most only have a one year rental contract meaning you will be paying high rent for 12 months before having to move again. Rents for service apartment pet friendly or service apartment residences are geared towards short term stays (typically 1 year) instead of long term stays (typically 3 years).

Service apartment (lease apartment) residences offer small rooms, typically with shared kitchen, bathroom and living areas instead of private bathrooms and bedrooms like many other forms of accommodation in Hong Kong. This makes Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats unsuitable for families with young children or elderly relatives who cannot share a room or bathroom with another family member. Hong Kong short term lease service apartment residences are also based on traditional housing with some modern conveniences added such as internet access. Many larger service apartment options also include washing machines and dryers in every apartment.

Many people who visit Hong Kong for work, school or other business are not familiar with the term "service apartment". Service apartment short term lease is a residence without a fixed rental period. The tenant can stay for as long as he or she needs depending on the circumstances.

2 most valuable features of a service apartment in Hong Kong:


Hong Kong short term lease service apartment residences are conveniently located in many areas around Hong Kong, allowing you to focus on your work or studies without the need of transportation. They provide all the facilities you need like kitchen, laundry, TV and internet access.


Apartment short term lease service apartment residences tend to be more affordable than hotels or traditional service apartment options for similar quality accommodation. The service apartments like the one bedroom apartments are usually half the price of hotel rooms and 20%-50% cheaper than renting an apartment in prime areas like Central, Causeway Bay and Happy Valley.

For most expats, these aren't suitable long-term solutions. A single resident in one of these Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment options would normally face a rent of at least HK$8,000 (RRP US$1,000) per month – service apartment and furnished apartment residences are not for the faint-hearted or those on a tight budget. However, for short stays or as an emergency measure, they are incredibly useful for finding convenient accommodation in Hong Kong.

Here are some things to consider before looking at a service apartment such as a long term lease apartment: What type of property am I looking for? Pet friendly serviced apartment and service apartment residences come in two main types: subsidised and commercial. Subsidised apartment two bedroom service apartment options are provided by the government and are aimed mainly at lower-middle-class families and people on welfare. Commercial properties are offered by landlords and developers who have purchased land from the government at relatively cheap rates compared with market prices. The cheap land means that even though you will pay more to rent these properties.

If you're planning a trip to Hong Kong, it's worth knowing about Hong Kong short term lease service apartment residences around the Happy Valley and Causeway Bay areas. These are furnished rental service apartment options owned by the same company that manages the hotel. The difference is, instead of staying in a hotel room, you get all the comforts of home for a fraction of the cost. Trouble finding a service apartment (lease apartment)? Apartment O will help you find a home here in Hong Kong! Our service is free to use and we'll treat your inquiry with confidentiality.


Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment residences are few service apartment options which provide similar amenities to that of hotel rooms, at a much lower price, and with longer lease periods. Service apartment residences are an ideal accommodation solution for people who will be staying in Hong Kong for an extended period of time and need to find places to live that are more affordable than hotels. They are typically larger than hotel rooms and offer kitchens and laundry facilities. Many service apartment and service apartment pet friendly residences also come with furnished bedrooms, so you can get away with packing less clothing than you might otherwise.

Lease Periods:

Service apartment and furnished apartment residences usually come in two different lease period options: apartment short term lease or long term lease apartment. apartment short term lease periods usually range from one month to three months, while long-term lease periods are usually one year or more. Short term leases cost less each month, but they do require you to find new housing if your stay is suddenly extended beyond the length of the lease agreement. Long term lease apartment periods cost more per month, but they give you the peace of mind that your apartment is.

The Hong Kong housing crisis has reached a record level and it seems there is not much anyone can do about it. There are too many immigrants coming in from other countries, which has caused the property prices to soar. A service apartment or one bedroom apartment in Hong Kong is more expensive than in any other major cities in the world. It is no surprise that many residents have turned to the Housing Society, where they can find affordable flats, service apartments and service apartment pet friendly residences.

However, the Housing Society is unable to keep up with the demand for flats, service apartments and pet friendly apartment residences. As a result, waiting lists for these types of housing accommodation have become extremely long. Some people have been on the list for years and are still waiting for apartment short term leases service apartment to be offered to service apartment flats. If you are still living with your family or sharing with roommates, you may want to think about getting your own place. If you want to live alone but cannot afford a regular flat or an apartment, you should consider living in a Hong Kong short term lease service apartment instead.

Most people who live in these service Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment options are single professionals because it is much harder for families to find accommodation here. A service apartment or a furnished apartment is basically like a small studio flat or a large one bedroom apartment. The only thing missing is the kitchen and bathroom facilities, so you will have to use them. Housing is one of the most important factors in deciding whether working in Hong Kong is viable for you. There are few options for foreigners to rent or buy property in HK.

What kinds of service apartment options does Apartment O offer?

Most pet friendly serviced apartment and service apartment options around the Happy Valley and Causeway Bay areas consist of an apartment two bedroom service apartment with a shared bathroom. Larger units exist with apartment three bedroom service apartment and 2 bathrooms. The hotels also provide storage space for your belongings if you don't have enough space in your unit. Some hotels even allow you to use their kitchens on the condition that you clean up after yourself and don't leave any food out. Hong Kong is famous for its properties, and it's not surprising that many people would like to own a home and settle down in the city. However, if you are not from Hong Kong, or you can't buy a property yet, there is always an option: Service apartment (lease apartment).

The service apartment pet friendly apartment is becoming quite popular among young professionals living in Hong Kong for various reasons. First of all, most Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats are rented out by the month – so it almost feels like a hotel room. In addition, they can be easily changed into pet friendly studio apartments or service apartment options if buyers find their dream home when they decide to settle down. The reason that service apartments like long term lease apartment residences are so attractive is their low cost but high quality. service apartment residences are very spacious and comfortable and they provide all necessary amenities for travellers, including kitchenware and laundry machines. Contact Apartment O to get yourselves the best experience with renting a service apartment in Hong Kong!

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