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Service Apartment | Service Apartment In Hong Kong Is Like A Home Away From Home

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

The service apartment or the lease apartment options can be defined as a furnished apartment that is rented out to a person or a family for a short period of time. More often than not, people confuse the service apartment options of the Hong Kong short term lease flats with hotel rooms. Although both provide the same facilities, the service apartment, and service apartment pet friendly types are significantly cheaper and give you more convenience and personal space than hotels. It is one of the most convenient accommodation options for people who have to travel for business or leisure purposes. Whether you're planning to stay for a day, week, or a month, it is always better to choose an apartment over a hotel.

The Service apartment types are also known as Serviced apartment residences, Business Flats, Corporate Housing, or Extended-stay Hotels, and are available in major cities across the world. The Service apartment residences of Apartment O Causeway Bay are a type of serviced accommodation. A Service apartment or the service apartment pet friendly offers all the amenities you would expect from a hotel, such as housekeeping and on-site parking. However, the Service apartment also or the lease apartment options offers added facilities such as washing machines and dryers, fully equipped kitchens, and lounge areas. The service apartment of Apartment O is an apartment designed to make you feel at home, but with the added benefits of hotel service.

The Service apartment or the pet friendly studio apartment has been around for many years but has only recently started to become popular in Hong Kong. They are ideal for business travellers who need to stay for longer periods and want to feel more at home during their stay. They are also popular with families or groups of friends who want to holiday together but prefer the freedom of having their self-catering accommodation. The term “Service apartment” is an umbrella term used to describe any property that is available on an apartment short term lease basis and offers facilities and services similar to those found in a hotel room. The most common terms used to describe the Service apartment include “fully furnished apartment”, “self-catering”, “extended stay” and “temporary housing”.

Couples Service Apartment Options In Hong Kong

Are you and your partner looking for a quiet staycation? We’ve rounded up the best couple’s Service Apartment or one bedroom apartment options in Hong Kong. There are many good reasons to book a Service apartment or a furnished apartment for your next holiday with your significant other. A Service apartment or a pet friendly studio apartment is more spacious than most hotel rooms, with separate living and sleeping areas (which means more room to get cosy!). The Apartment O Causeway Bay properties are also more private and equipped with all the comforts of home, so you can settle in and enjoy your new surroundings.

From Central to Happy Valley, here are some of our favourite couple’s apartments, which offer plenty of space for two like a one bedroom apartment. Hong Kong is a popular destination for people of all ages, from young couples to retirees. With such diverse visitors, it is no surprise that there are many different accommodation options on offer for those staying in the city. These range from basic hostels to luxury hotels but there is one option that has become increasingly popular with those looking for a comfortable home away from home, a Service apartment or a lease apartment does the trick.

The Service apartment or the Hong Kong short term lease apartments are perfect for couples with many benefits over standard hotel rooms. Most notably they are much larger and more spacious, allowing you to relax more comfortably after a long day sightseeing. The extra space also in the Apartment O Causeway Bay residences allows you to prepare your own meals if you wish, saving money on expensive restaurant food and giving you greater freedom during your stay. The best Service apartment or the long term lease apartment in Hong Kong is centrally located making it easy for you to get around the city and explore all the major tourist attractions. They are also very luxurious, with high-quality furnishings and great facilities including high-speed internet access, large flat-screen televisions, modern kitchen appliances, and separate living areas.

The Service apartment and the Hong Kong short term lease apartment are among the most preferred choices of couples who are invited to Hong Kong for spending their honeymoon in the most romantic way possible. They also have a preference for a Service apartment or pet friendly serviced apartment as it gives them plenty of space and privacy to celebrate the love between them in a very private manner. The Apartment O Causeway Bay Service apartment has become quite popular among couples because of the many benefits that it offers to them in terms of privacy and freedom to enjoy their love life in the best possible manner.

Among other things, it must be mentioned that these Hong Kong short term lease apartments are located at the most strategic locations in Hong Kong where you can enjoy easy access to all the important facilities such as shopping malls, restaurants, parks, and other attractive places where you can spend your honeymoon in a very unique way. The Hong Kong short term lease flats are also located at a very close distance from the airport so that you can easily travel from your place of arrival to your honeymoon destination without facing any inconvenience whatsoever. Other than this, these Apartment O Causeway Bay apartments also offer you fully equipped kitchens along with large bathrooms so that you will not feel lonely when you are away from home and looking forward to spending some time together with your partner. You will also be able to find a good number of facilities like swimming pools.

Apartment O offers a range of facilities in our fully furnished Service apartment and pet friendly studio apartment, including TV with satellite channels, free Wi-Fi, washing machine with dryer function, weekly housekeeping service, daily breakfast at Bistro on the Mile, gymnasium, and swimming pool. Our Hong Kong Service apartment and Hong Kong short term lease flats are located in a convenient location to all major business districts - Happy Valley and Causeway Bay. With easy access to the MTR public transport system, our guests can explore many restaurants and shops nearby.

Family Service Apartment Options In Hong Kong

Apartment O Causeway Bay Service apartment flats are a popular accommodation option for people travelling to Hong Kong for work, family, or leisure. There are many benefits of booking a Service apartment or a lease apartment over a hotel room in Hong Kong. They provide more space and are often more affordable than hotels. The service apartment or a service apartment pet friendly also offers a home away from home experience with all the conveniences of the home including kitchen facilities and laundry amenities.

For families, The Hong Kong short term lease service apartment offers even more benefits as they provide more space for parents and children to spread out, enjoy privacy and feel comfortable. The extra space or the apartment three bedroom also means that children can play and relax while parents can easily put them to bed at night while still enjoying the privacy of their own bedroom or sitting room. Family-sized Service apartment flats or a pet friendly studio apartment in Hong Kong may have an apartment two bedroom or an apartment three bedroom, making them ideal for families. The larger size of these apartments also provides room for nannies or caregivers to stay in the apartment with families if needed. When it comes to a family-friendly stay in Hong Kong, you have several options.

  • The first is a hotel, where the smallest room available will be a suite.

  • The second is to find an apartment two bedroom flats from an agency or somewhere like Craigslist. This will be cheaper than the hotel, but not always by much.

  • The third option is to stay in a Service apartment or a Hong Kong short term lease apartment. These are apartments that come with services like weekly cleaning and internet service. The pet friendly serviced apartment may also include access to facilities like gyms or pools, as well as free local calls and satellite TV. The Apartment O Causeway Bay properties are available for stays of one week or longer (some even offer monthly rates), and they're generally much cheaper than hotels, although the price can vary depending on what's included and where the apartment is located.

A good family holiday should be a safe, secure, and fun experience. The best Service apartment or the lease apartment options in Hong Kong provides all these things, so you can enjoy your time in the city to the fullest. When travelling with children, it can be difficult to find affordable accommodation that is spacious enough for everyone to enjoy. Most hotels will only offer one bed for each room booked, and charge extra for additional occupants. This can make life very uncomfortable for families, who will want to spend quality time together after sightseeing or exploring the city so, Apartment O Causeway Bay residences are a better option for families.

A Service apartment or a pet friendly serviced apartment offers the perfect solution. It gives you the privacy of your own home while you are away from home, but with all the service benefits of a hotel. You will have your own kitchen and living area, giving you the freedom to enjoy family meals together without spending a fortune on eating out every day. The furnished apartment gives you more money to spend on other holiday treats!

Why Choose a Service apartment In Hong Kong, Happy Valley, and Causeway bay

The different Service apartment types are more spacious and luxurious than a hotel room. If you’re planning to be in Hong Kong for longer than a few days, a Service apartment or a long term lease apartment makes more sense than staying in a hotel.

  • Convenience: Many Service apartment flats and Hong Kong short term lease apartments are located much closer to public transport, restaurants, and shopping centres than hotels. Many of Apartment O Causeway Bay Service apartment flats are located less than five minutes from the MTR station and popular shopping districts like Causeway Bay and Happy Valley.

  • Amenities: Service apartment and lease apartment types come equipped with kitchen facilities, which means you can prepare your own meals or have a takeaway delivered direct to your door. You can also do your laundry at your convenience. Many furnished apartment properties are also pet-friendly so that you don’t have to leave your furry friend behind.

  • Privacy: The service apartment, like the apartment two bedroom offers more privacy and space than hotels, perfect for those travelling with family or friends (or if you just want some time alone). Our Service apartment ranges from pet friendly studio apartment flats all the way up to three-bedroom units – we can accommodate groups of any size!

  • More bang for your buck: The Apartment O Causeway Bay Service apartment offers more value compared to hotels – they’re generally cheaper while offering better amenities.

  • If you are relocating to Hong Kong, living in a Service apartment or an apartment short term lease for your first few weeks is the perfect way to get settled.

  • You can live in the heart of Hong Kong. Apartment O Causeway Bay Service apartment is in the centre of Causeway Bay, just a few steps from Times Square, SOGO, and many other shopping malls.

They are convenient places to stay if you only need an apartment short term lease stay while you're looking for something more permanent.

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