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Service Apartment - Service Apartment In Hong Kong: Everything You Need To Know Before Moving In

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

A service apartment is a rental unit you will find in Hong Kong. There are many reasons why people opt for these types of apartment short term lease. As a tourist, you will be able to save money by living in these apartments instead of a hotel. You can also save money as a temporary resident who may have to move out later on.

Moving into a serviced apartment for the first time can be a challenging experience. There are all kinds of things to consider before you can move into an apartment short term lease, such as whether there would be enough space for your belongings and what appliances would be provided. You may also have to prepare yourself for the monthly cost that comes with living in an apartment short term lease service apartment. But if you do everything right, you'll find yourself enjoying the benefits of living in such a service apartment, such as having access to the best amenities and being able to feel at home away from home.

Service apartment properties in Hong Kong are great for people who want to experience the local lifestyle without having to go through the hassle of finding a long term lease apartment! The term "service apartment" (or serviced apartment) is used in Hong Kong and other countries across the world to refer to apartment units that have been converted into fully furnished short-term rental properties, usually ranging from one month up to a year. In Hong Kong, a service apartment is also referred to as a "budget hotel", although a service apartment is not a hotel by law.

Service apartment properties in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley are popular among young professionals who like the freedom and flexibility of such an arrangement – no need to commit long term, no large deposit required and no maintenance fees. For longer stays, a pet friendly studio apartment service apartment is also ideal for business travellers who don't want to overspend on rent, but still need all the amenities that come with a pet friendly studio apartment away from home. Hong Kong is a very expensive place to live. If you don't want to pay HK$10,000 a month for a tiny studio apartment, or HK$20,000 for a one-bedroom unit, an old-style service apartment might be the way to go.

Many service apartment buildings offer several types of rooms and places to stay, for example Causeway Bay or Happy Valley. Some of them charge extra for things like use of the kitchen, laundry room and parking space. All pet friendly serviced apartment service apartment properties must have a 24-hour reception desk where you will be able to ask for maintenance services or whatever else you need during your stay. Service apartment properties in Hong Kong usually have a variety of facilities available, such as a swimming pool, fitness centre and tennis court. Check whether a pet friendly serviced apartment has any available before booking your accommodation online.

Service apartment buildings commonly offer weekly cleaning services, daily housekeeping service apartment pet friendly and linen exchange services. The cleaning staff will also replace any used shower towels and toilet paper as well as vacuum the floors and do the dishes. You may need to give them access to your room so that they can clean it for you when you're not at service apartment pet friendly or when you're out during the day.

Here are some things that you need to know before moving in a lease apartment service apartment:

  • Furnishing and/or appliances provided by management

  • Amenities available in the service apartment

  • Gross floor area of unit of the service apartment

  • Common areas of lease apartment

  • Monthly service charges and utility bills, if any

  • Check-in date and check-out date of the lease apartment, if applicable

  • Pet policy, if any

Moving into a service apartment can be a convenient and cost-effective housing one bedroom apartment for students. Students who chose to stay in one bedroom apartment service apartment properties can have their meals provided, and have their cleaning and laundry done by the management company. This is because the management company does not only provide a one bedroom apartment for students to live in, but also provides services such as cooking, cleaning, and laundry. There are many advantages of staying in a service apartment, but it's important to understand some pitfalls as well. Before making your decision, here are things you should consider when looking at Service apartment properties:


Location, location, location. You've probably heard about this rule before. A good place is the most important consideration when looking for a pet friendly apartment service apartment. You need to take MTR and bus access into account. Does it make sense for you to catch buses at night? How long will it take you to get from your service apartment to the MTR station? Is there a bank nearby your pet friendly apartment where you can withdraw money? Will your workplace be able to provide transportation services? The answers depend on how far away your workplace is from your service apartment and how convenient it is for you to commute every day.

Check the location of the service apartment carefully. It's very important that you choose a service apartment that's near your campus. If you're staying in Hong Kong on a student visa, make sure that the pet friendly apartment has been approved by the Immigration Department. You may want to ask your school or university if they offer a list of approved furnished apartment properties to stay in. Best location suggested by Apartment O is around Causeway Bay or the Happy Valley area.


Make sure that the size of your furnished apartment fits your needs. If you're going with friends, it's better to choose an apartment with multiple rooms so everyone has their own private space. When you check out potential places to live in, make sure that there are no hidden fees or costs such as an additional security deposit or furnished apartment cleaning.

A service apartment is popular among expats, especially those who are new to Hong Kong. The cost of living in a Hong Kong short term lease service apartment is much lower than that of a hotel or other forms of accommodation if you're staying for longer than a few days. Moving into a service apartment can be stressful and one has to keep in mind that not all Hong Kong short term lease service apartment properties are created equal. Be careful of hidden costs. Service apartments are everywhere in Hong Kong, so it's impossible not to find one. However, what matters most when comparing two places is their price per month, so don't let the rental fee blind you from asking more.

Hong Kong short term lease service apartment properties are found mostly in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley; if you look at the front of any tenement building in the city, you'll probably find its name on a brass plaque. The apartments were originally built as servants' quarters, but they're still affordable housing options today. When you're moving to a new city, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of things you need to do. The last thing you want to deal with is locating an apartment short term lease to live and signing a lease. That's why many people choose to rent apartments or houses from private owners.

Generally referred to as "private housing", this type of accommodation is also known as "private apartments" or "Service apartment properties", and can be found in buildings with multiple residential apartment short term lease units or high-rise buildings.

The prices for Service apartment properties are higher than the average price for a local flat but very affordable if you compare it with other major cities around the world. The one bedroom apartment may be small and not as fancy as in high-end hotels but most of them come with a washing machine, refrigerator, internet connection and TV. Some also offer cooking facilities and balconies which are quite nice compared to the ones in local apartments because one bedroom apartment properties provide more space and fresh air while they are still affordable. Service apartment properties are often located on top of high buildings with views over the city so they offer great scenery while there is a huge chance you will get one of the best locations available in Hong Kong since most people want to live in the centre or close to it.

A pet friendly apartment service apartment will be an excellent choice for you if you are looking for a more comfortable living arrangement that is still able to maintain your privacy. You can use this as your primary pet friendly apartment or as an alternative when you want to stay away from home for a short period of time. A service apartment is perfect for people who are considering buying property but are not ready yet. If you are working in the city and do not have the time to commute daily or prefer to be close enough to work, a service apartment will be ideal. Pet friendly apartment will give you the chance to explore places that you might have not had the chance to see with all that work schedule. This will also help you get accustomed with the pace of life of Hong Kong and its fast-changing environment before deciding if this is where you would want to live.

To make sure you get the best furnished apartment service apartment there is, Apartment O staff are willing to help. Apartment O has been in the service apartment industry for several years now so we are sure you can find everything you need from a service apartment with Apartment O. Contact us now to get the best experience.

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