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Service Apartment | Renting Furnished, Semi-Furnished Or Unfurnished Type Of Service Apartment

Let's Explore The Differences

As an apartment short term lease tenant, you have several service apartment options when it comes to choosing your home. In particular, you must decide on the apartment short term lease duration for which you will occupy the dwelling. This apartment short term lease element will affect the type of rental type of service apartment unit that will best suit your situation. Will you choose to rent furnished, semi-furnished or unfurnished type of service apartment accommodation? Let's take a look at the various service apartment options to understand the differences between the types of service apartment accommodation offered for rent.

Furniture Included And Not Included

Renting A Furnished service apartment accommodation

What is renting a furnished type of service apartment accommodation? This apartment three bedroom is a service apartment that comes with all the furniture a person needs to live comfortably. Thus, the main apartment three bedroom pieces of furniture in each of the rooms will normally be present.

The apartment three bedroom living room will have a sofa, side table, light fixtures, and maybe even a bookshelf. In the long term lease apartment bedroom, you can expect to find a bed, a nightstand, a chest of drawers, and sometimes a work desk. In the long term lease apartment kitchen and the dining room, a table and chairs as well as all the appliances will be there.

Renting A Fully Furnished Home

What does “fully furnished long term lease apartment” mean? A fully furnished type of service apartment will be even better equipped than a furnished pet friendly serviced apartment type of service apartment accommodation. You can move into the pet friendly serviced apartment house and live there without having to buy items for the service apartment. A tenant must be able to enter with their suitcase and feel ready to live in the service apartment.

The pet friendly serviced apartment kitchen is therefore equipped with utensils, crockery, glasses, pots, pans and table linens. In the bathroom service apartment pet friendly, the shower curtain is provided, as are the towels. As for the bedroom, the bedding is complete. The entire service apartment accommodation is even accented with decorative service apartment pet friendly elements. Note that personal items and food are not included in the rental offer of a fully furnished type of service apartment accommodation.

Rental Of Semi-Furnished type of service apartment accommodation

There are also service apartment pet friendly rentals of semi-furnished type of service apartment accommodation. In general, a semi-furnished type of service apartment includes the 2 main kitchen appliances, namely the stove and the lease apartment refrigerator. Sometimes large basic lease apartment pieces of furniture like sofa, bed, table and chairs can also be included in Hong Kong.

Don't expect to find cooking utensils in a semi-furnished lease apartment type of service apartment accommodation in Hong Kong, whereas the one bedroom apartment options are included in a fully furnished service apartment.

Renting An Unfurnished Dwelling

Finally, as regards the one bedroom apartment option of renting an unfurnished dwelling, the description is very simple: an empty dwelling. So there is no furniture or appliances. In general, fixed light fixtures are included, but everything else is the tenant's responsibility. Ideal one bedroom apartment when you have to relocate with all your household in Hong Kong!

It is also the most widespread formula on the rental pet friendly apartment market in Causeway Bay. Note that the rent for an unfurnished pet friendly apartment type of service apartment is generally lower than that of a comparable furnished type of service apartment.

Short, Medium And Long-Term

Rentals Duration Of Rentals

A short-term pet friendly apartment rental generally designates a rental contract of less than 31 days. For its part, a so-called medium-term Apartment O Causeway Bay rental is normally spread over more than 31 days, but less than a year. Some landlords include the possibility of extending it by the day, week or month. Usually, these 2 Apartment O Causeway Bay types of temporary tenancies do not constitute the permanent principal type of service apartment residence of the tenant.

As for long-term Apartment O Causeway Bay rental, it generally requires a lease of 12 months or more. By default, a lease is automatically renewed under the same conditions unless otherwise specified. With a few exceptions, this furnished apartment type of dwelling is the tenant's permanent principal type of service apartment residence.


Short furnished apartment or medium-term rentals generally offer greater flexibility. On the other hand, they can result in higher rates, since the furnished apartment options are often fully equipped and offered with a turnkey service.

Temporary Hong Kong short term lease rental can be a more economical alternative to staying in a hotel or tourist rental. These Hong Kong short term lease types of rentals can be found in the sections of classified advertisements and on specialized sites for tourist type of service apartment residences or collaborative rentals.

These more touristy rentals do not offer the same supervision and customer service as medium-term rental Hong Kong short term lease type of service apartment units. In addition, insurance and on-site services differ greatly.

Temporary Rental Is Ideal For People Who:

  • Are in a region for happy valley apartment professional reasons;

  • Visit friends or happy valley apartment family members for an extended period of time;

  • Are traveling on a short or medium term happy valley apartment visa;

  • Await the serviced apartment hk island complete sale or purchase of a service apartment residence;

  • Renovate the serviced apartment hk island main service apartment property;

  • Are experiencing a separation serviced apartment hk island;

  • Suffer a short term rental claim;

  • Are looking for short term rental flexibility.

Temporary Leasing Is Ideal For Businesses That:

  • Accommodate foreign short term rental workers;

  • House pet friendly service apartment leaders;

  • Execute external pet friendly service apartment contracts;

  • Need a tailor-made pet friendly service apartment portfolio.


Rental Long-term hong kong island serviced apartment rental is suitable for people looking to put down roots in an area for a long period of time. The hong kong island serviced apartment type of rental is suitable for you if you are looking for stability or if you want to establish yourself firmly in a specific place.

Some reasons to consider long-term leasing:

  • Reduce the hong kong island serviced apartment frequency of trips;

  • Start a family;

  • Enroll in a school or university;

  • Get a permanent job;

  • Avoid the hassle of owning a hotel pet friendly.

Renting Furnished Or Unfurnished type of service apartment accommodation, Which Is The Best Option?

When the time comes to choose between renting a furnished or unfurnished hotel pet friendly home, you need to consider your hotel pet friendly needs. Your personal preferences also have a role to play in your decision making. Likewise, how long you want to reside in one lee garden apartment place will tip the balance one way or the other. Consider all the service apartment options carefully before making your lee garden apartment choice.

Lmnp: Purchase And Resale On The Secondary Market In Happy Valley

When it comes to lee garden apartment investment in a service apartment, investors often wonder about the resale of their service apartment property, if the service apartment happy valley wanted to recover the fruits of their investment. For a little over a decade now, there has been a very active secondary market in Causeway Bay for the service apartment happy valley purchase and resale of LMNP.

How Is The Sale Of A Furnished Type of Service Apartment Property Going?

The best thing is to call on a professional in the service apartment happy valley sector. As such, Periance can support you in this project. Whether to buy or to sell on the secondary market in Causeway Bay. The studio for rent criteria that will generally be used to estimate the value of Apartment O service apartment property in LMNP are:

The Level Of Rent Paid By The Manager

The studio for rent remaining period before the renewal of the lease. On this point, it is always advisable to sell immediately after a renewal has taken place. This studio for rent reassures potential investors.

  • The solvency of the causeway bay service apartment manager

  • The causeway bay service apartment condition of Apartment O service apartment building

  • The various clauses of the lease causeway bay service apartment,

What Are The Advantages Of Going Through The Secondary Market In Happy Valley To Make Your Lmnp Investment?

By going through the hong kong short term rental secondary market in Happy Valley to invest in LMNP in a service apartment, the investor benefits from more visibility than in a new service apartment building. Indeed, he buys hong kong short term rental in a service apartment that is already in use. There is therefore a management history and he will be able to access key information such as the hong kong short term rental occupancy rate for example.

It is also common to be able to find opinions on the internet on the attractiveness and quality of Apartment O service apartment, whether it is a senior studio apartment type of service apartment, a nursing home, a student type of service apartment or even a tourist type of service apartment. For the latter, Apartment O can be a gold mine of information. On the other hand, studio apartment units being understood that there is no VAT to be paid during the studio apartment investment, there will be no recoverable VAT.

What Is A Service Apartment Residence?

A service residence is an EHPAD (service apartment accommodation Establishment for Dependent Elderly), a service apartment residence for hk apartment seniors, a service apartment residence for students, a tourist or business hk apartment type of service apartment residence. For the establishment to obtain the status of service apartment residence with services, it must satisfy at least 3 of the following 4 hk apartment services:

  • reception and service apartment hk reception,

  • breakfast service,

  • supply of service apartment hk household linen,

  • cleaning of the service apartment hk premises.

These Services Make Your Investment Eligible For Vat

On the amount of the cost price of the acquisition (real estate, furniture, notary causeway bay hotel fees) that you can recover 6 to 9 months after delivery of the service apartment property, whether you are in the classic causeway bay hotel regime or in Censi-Bouvard. An advantage, and not the least, for the status of Non-Professional Furnished Lessor or Professional Furnished Lessor is the deduction of the accounting depreciation practiced on the causeway bay hotel construction in order to reduce the tax bill on rental income.

The service apartment hong kong on the purchase price including notary and intermediary fees is definitively acquired after 20 years of ownership for real estate and 5 to 7 years for furniture. If you sell your home before the end of this period, the service apartment hong kong tax authorities will claim the refund of the VAT, in proportion to the missing years, unless you sell the service apartment property to a person who will continue to operate service apartment hong kong.

In A Service Apartment Residence You Sign With The Manager Of The Operation (The Lessee) A Commercial Lease

For a minimum duration of 11 years and 9 months, a pet friendly studio apartment is assimilated to the rental contract when you rent directly and whose duration is a minimum of one year or even 9 months for a student. Through this type of contract, the pet friendly studio apartment operator becomes your tenant who makes sub-letting, thus guaranteeing you to collect the rents, throughout the duration of the lease, and taking responsibility for most of the pet friendly studio apartment renovation and repair work.

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