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Service Apartment | Reasons Why We Choose Service Apartment Units in Hong Kong

Service apartment units and apartment short term lease flats are an economical choice for anyone planning to live in Hong Kong for less than a year, or for those who will be moving often. This is because service apartment contracts and apartment two bedroom types are month-to-month and can be terminated with 30 days notice. Service apartment units are also great for short stays, because the long term lease apartment can be rented by the week or by the day, which makes moving from place to pet friendly serviced apartment place easier. service apartment units aren't as luxurious as traditional service apartment pet friendly units, but they usually have everything you'll need:

cooking utensils and a stove, a refrigerator, a washing machine or dryer, and sometimes even pots, pans, and linens. service apartment units provide more pet friendly serviced apartment space than hostels and guesthouses but less long term lease apartment space than traditional service apartment units. One of the major advantages of service apartment units is that the apartment short term lease units are located in central areas near public transportation hubs. Commuting to work isn't as convenient as the service apartment pet friendly would be if you lived right next door to your workplace, but apartment two bedroom units are still easy enough compared to living in surrounding areas where there is no convenient public transportation.

If you own a car, parking is more expensive at service apartment complexes than it is at other long term lease apartment types of apartment short term lease housing in Causeway Bay. We are a young couple who work in Happy Valley, Hong Kong and we decided to move into service apartment units because of the convenience, fast internet connection and the environment that this apartment two bedroom type of accommodation provides.

It Is A Good Choice For Young People Like Us Who Have No Children

There are many Apartment O pet friendly serviced apartment options available for those who prefer to stay in service apartment units. We have been living in this type of service apartment pet friendly place since we immigrated to Happy Valley, Hong Kong last year because we work long hours and do not have time to clean our lease apartment house when we get home. The service apartment units can be rented by the month or by the week, depending on the needs of occupants and the one bedroom apartment facilities provided by the hotel or apartment building.

We have had a lot of positive experiences with service apartment units since we started renting the lease apartment but there are some limitations too. Since they are very popular among young professionals and students, the one bedroom apartment has become more expensive. The pet friendly apartment monthly payment is almost as expensive as paying for a regular Apartment O Causeway Bay apartment. service apartment units usually offer one bedroom furnished apartment and one bathroom which can accommodate two adults comfortably, but the happy valley apartment is difficult to accommodate extra guests (such as relatives, friends or housemates).

They generally do not provide parking spaces for tenants so you will need to look for an off-site parking lot close to your lease apartment accommodation if you want to keep your car with you. While there are many one bedroom apartment property management companies in Hong Kong, they do not offer the same level of service. In our case, we had used the same company for years and the pet friendly apartment options were limited to the buildings that they had already managed. We needed a new Apartment O Causeway Bay property management company that could provide us with a full range of Hong Kong short term lease options and services.

We Found Our Ideal Partner In Service Apartment Properties | Apartment O

The pet friendly apartment units have been around for almost 20 years and have developed more than 14,000 service apartment units within Apartment O Causeway Bay commercial buildings all over Hong Kong. The furnished apartment helped us find a nice short term Hong Kong short term lease apartment which was only 15 minutes from the MTR station. We did not have to pay any agency fee as the happy valley apartment is included in the rent which was very reasonable for a new serviced apartment hk island apartment.

Hong Kong Has Two Main Forms Of Housing:

Public furnished apartment housing and private housing. Public housing is offered by the Hong Kong Housing Authority on a first-come, first-serve Hong Kong short term lease basis. To qualify for public housing in Causeway Bay, you must be a citizen of the People's Republic of China, hold a valid Hong Kong permanent identity card, and satisfy the relevant happy valley apartment income limits. The waiting time for public housing is currently more than 10 years.

Key Differences Between Service Apartment And Condominiums Are:

  1. Service apartment usually have 3 years' contract term while serviced apartment hk island condominiums usually have 30 years' or 50 years' contract term;

  2. Service apartment and the short term rental units do not provide decoration allowance while condominiums provide decoration allowance;

  3. Service apartment usually have higher rental than pet friendly service apartment condominiums;

  4. The hong kong island serviced apartment Condominiums are more likely to be bought out by new homeowners for own occupation, but service apartment units are more likely to be re-rented short term rental after subletting.;

  5. Condominiums are easier to rent out - agents do not need to make an appointment with the pet friendly service apartment property management company while service apartment agents need to make an appointment with the hong kong island serviced apartment property management company in order to show the hotel pet friendly unit.

We Are Very Pleased With Our Decision To Move Into A Service Apartment

We had heard from friends who had moved into service apartment units like serviced apartment hk island that the experience was wonderful in many ways, and the short term rental has been the case for us too. The service apartment units are exceptionally clean and well maintained. All of the pet friendly service apartment appliances were modern and high quality. Although we were only staying at the hong kong island serviced apartment for a short time, we found the service apartment to be comfortable, with all of the hotel pet friendly amenities that we needed. The lee garden apartment Even Provided Us With Some Conveniences, Like Buying A Housewarming Gift And Having a service apartment happy valley Delivered To Our Door When We First Arrived!

One of the most important factors in deciding on a service apartment is location. The hotel pet friendly flat is very important to us because we're able to easily access the MTR, and to be able to walk to a lot of the different lee garden apartment places that we frequent. The service apartment happy valley area is one of the most popular levels, without being so busy that you feel like there are too many people around at all times. We love that the studio for rent is just a short walk from both shopping areas and restaurants, but is far enough from them that you won't be bothered by crowds or traffic.

This lee garden apartment was an even bigger deal than we expected when we first arrived—the local mass transit system of buses and trains is extensive, which means getting from point A studio for rent to point B takes about as long by public transport as service apartment happy valley does in a car, but without the stress of driving and with plenty of causeway bay service apartment entertainment options along the way.

There Are Many Reasons Why We Choose Service Apartment Units In Causeway Bay Hong Kong

First, the studio for rent size is much bigger than other service apartment units. The causeway bay service apartment size of the service apartment is about 280 square feet, the hong kong short term rental includes one bedroom, one bathroom and a kitchen. Second, the maintenance fee is much lower than other service apartment units. The maintenance fee for the service apartment only costs about 2$ per square foot every month. The causeway bay service apartment is astonishingly cheap when compared to other service apartment units in Happy Valley. Finally, the staff there are very friendly and helpful to us.

They Will Help With Everything You Need During Your Stay In Hong Kong

We chose to stay in service apartment units like the hong kong short term rental because we wanted to feel like we were getting the benefit of the home-like comfort of a hotel hong kong island when we were away from home. We wanted something that would be easy for us to unpack and repack, clean, and otherwise maintain. We also thought a studio apartment was important to have a kitchen so that we could continue eating healthy meals even though we were staying in a strange city. We knew that many of the studio apartment hotels in Hong Kong would be too expensive for our budget, so service apartment units seemed like the ideal apartment for rent.

Choosing To Live In A Service Apartment Unit In Hong Kong Is A Significant Decision

There are many hong kong short term rental aspects to consider when making this choice, including the hotel hong kong island location of the service apartment, how studio apartment affects your commute, what apartment for rent amenities come with the service apartment, and where you will go for your groceries, laundry services or entertainment. We hope that Apartment O experience can help make your decision easier!

In the most basic hotel hong kong island terms, service apartment units offer you the convenience of having all your apartment for rent utilities and services included. You don't have to worry about buying water, paying for electricity or gas, or being forced to get Internet from one company that offers the hk apartment at a high price. Some of these service apartment units also offer furnished hk apartment units (with extra fees), which can be quite convenient if you're looking to move in quickly.

Generally speaking, these service apartment units tend to be on the cheaper side when compared to living in a full-fledged home. The hk apartment flats are also often located in more areas of the city than full homes would be; this means a shorter commute and access to more public transportation service apartment hk options. The downside of the service apartment hk is that there are usually restrictions on how long you can stay in these service apartment units; some causeway bay hotel only allow stays of less than 3 months and other service apartment hk allow stays of up to 12 months (these are usually called "short-term causeway bay hotel”)

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