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Service Apartment | Looking For A Home Away From Home In Hong Kong? Service Apartment Is Your Answer

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Hong Kong short term lease service apartment flats allow you to have your own apartment in Hong Kong that comes with everything you will need- all in a single, convenient location. The prices are reasonable and there are many different types, from cheaper and less spacious to larger and more expensive. These spacious pet friendly apartments, which include full kitchens, all the necessary amenities for cooking at home, and individual climate control keep you comfortable throughout your stay in Hong Kong.

Service Apartment like apartment two bedroom is a division of Rental Agency. Service Apartment specialises in providing Service apartment and hotel rooms guarantees with reasonable pricing in Hong Kong, Asia's business and financial hub with various conference venues, universities and shopping malls. Browse our website to find suitable apartments & rooms for business trip, vacation, family travel or backpacking.

Discover Hong Kong with ease in a service apartment properties, featuring an apartment three bedroom finder service and transportation arrangements, as well as outstanding services and facilities.

Hotel options in Hong Kong are known for being expensive, inconvenient and antiquated. By offering service apartment flats and pet friendly studio apartments at competitive rates we aim to bring you a refreshing "no frills" option, whilst still providing clean, safe and well maintained living quarters in a fantastic location. Over 80% of our customers then chose to extend their stay with us. A leading service apartment properties provider, providing corporate accommodation and Hong Kong short term lease rental apartments in prime locations throughout Hong Kong.

We offer a wide range of fully furnished apartment service apartment flats in different locations in Hong Kong. Each location has its own characteristics, allowing you and your guests to experience the entertainment the city has to offer, and the convenience of staying close to all the business hubs.

What does it mean when an apartment is called “service”? For starters, service apartment flats or lease apartments come with full, professional appliances including washer/dryer sets. They are clean and they are ready to relax. On top of that, service apartment flats and service apartment pet friendly are located in the neighbourhoods you want to be in: close to public transportation and with almost all other daily necessities at your doorstep. These superior apartments are ready for immediate occupancy. Unlike standard apartments, one bedroom apartment service apartment flats don't require a lease term; you can live there as long as you want.

When an apartment is serviced it has been prepared to a high professional standard. A service apartment property or a apartment three bedroom service apartment is cleaned before the tenant's arrival and offered with a fresh set of linen, towels and utensils, along with complimentary toiletries. The furnished apartment service apartment flats will also be checked regularly by a maintenance engineer.

The Perfect Choice to live in a service apartment property? If you are one of the foreigners working in Places like Hong Kong, Happy Valley, or Causeway Bay and are confused about where to live with reasonable prices, we highly recommend you choose an Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment property. So what exactly is a service apartment property?

service apartment flats are fully furnished apartments that come with all household appliances (beds, chairs, cooking ware, clothes drying hanger etc.) The most popular ones are without cleaning charges and utilities.

service apartment flats and pet friendly studio apartments have fully equipped kitchens, utensils and other appliances, a closet and a washer with a dryer. Offering a range of amenities at affordable rates, the service apartment flats and service apartment pet friendly provide comfortable stay to tourists and business travellers.

A service apartment properties or lease apartments means that all of your cleaning and laundry needs are taken care of by us. Guests are provided with stays that include concierge services, free in-room WiFi and high-speed internet, a fully equipped kitchenette and daily housekeeping. In addition, our furnished apartments will feature luxurious finishes to incorporate comfort and elegance into a contemporary, city-centre lifestyle.

Apartment O service apartment flats and Service apartment long term lease apartments are similar in nature, but differ from each other in size, service level and quality.

The general impression of an apartment and an Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment properties are fundamentally different. The sense of freedom that comes with an apartment is perhaps best defined by its lack of a specialised nature. Assigned to no one in particular, apartments have different uses and varying degrees of luxury from one to another.

A service apartment property is an apartment short term lease rental for persons who stay for business or pleasure. service apartment flats offer space, comfort and privacy with full facilities such as kitchen, laundry, direct dial telephone and internet access. You will have the services of a receptionist and housekeeping staff. service apartment flats and long term lease apartments are unlike hotels or hostels from an operator/management perspective. Service apartment flats are managed as residential property by hoteliers and independently by apartment owners.

While an apartment is basically an autonomous residential unit with its own kitchen and bathroom, a service apartment properties like an apartment two bedroom includes these facilities and additional services such as a room cleaning service that employs professional maids, a centralised laundry service and designated parking.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats are the accommodation of choice for business travellers and those in need of a home-away-from home. While apartment accommodation is usually what most people imagine when they think of visiting a foreign country, few people realise that you can hire accommodations tailored specifically for your needs, including some or all services for a long term lease apartment that you would otherwise have to pay for as part of a hotel or guest house package.

The main difference between an apartment two bedroom Service Apartment and an apartment is the ability to rent "at will". Apartment O service apartment flats and Hong Kong short term lease are serviced by a third party on a regular basis. This frequent service gives tenants the reassurance that even if they are not there, their apartment two bedroom will be looked after, and their property will be safe. Services may include the provision of cleaning supplies and laundry.

The difference between an apartment in Hong Kong and a one bedroom apartment service apartment and a pet friendly studio apartment is that you can use household appliances, a small refrigerator and other convenient facilities including air conditioning and Wi-Fi.

This article introduces the types of service apartment flats and the difference among them. It also helps you to find Hong Kong short term lease accommodations in Hong Kong when you only have a short stay in the city.

Hong Kong's service apartment is a typical alternative for apartment seekers. It is a professionally managed apartment with full facilities for long term lease apartment residence including kitchen and laundry. There are about 18 kinds of service apartment flats and pet friendly service apartment residences in Hong Kong including landlords, hotel-like apartments, self-management apartments, flatlets and temporary sojourn units of foreign domestic helpers, etc.

A service apartment is a type of apartment short term lease accommodation one bedroom apartment, which combines the benefits of a hotel room and an individual apartment. When you stay in a service apartment, it is like living in your own home with all the conveniences of hotels – such as cleaning service, breakfast and internet access – at your fingertips. service apartment flats are ideal for long term lease apartment stays, airport layovers or short family visits in Hong Kong.

The phrase 'service apartment' is used to describe all types of apartments which are rented out on a Hong Kong short term lease basis, for between one and a half to two years. They include built flats, converted commercial flats, government subsidised flats and private family flats. These apartments can be found in both commercial and residential districts, as well as in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley.

Apartment O Service Apartment is the first ever to serve apartment short term lease and long term lease apartment service apartment flats in Klang. This one bedroom apartment and 2 bathroom apartment could be rented out for 2 long term tenants or 1 Hong Kong short term lease tenant. These tenants are protected by tenancy law and will not risk getting priority kicked out during the tenancy.

We provide accommodation for short and long term stays in air conditioned service apartment flats. All rooms are fully furnished apartments with kitchenette, tv, wireless internet and are serviced on a daily basis.

Apartment O Service Apartment is a place where long term and apartment short term lease Service apartment, hotel or service apartment properties users can get together. We have various options that include guesthouse, dormitory, studio or one-bedroom Service apartment suites. Our Hong Kong short term lease term service apartment flats are in great locations around the world, allowing you to live like a local wherever you choose to travel.

Apartment O service apartment provides secure long term lease apartment style living in a location close to Hong Kong's major commercial, retail, and entertainment centres. The unit is conveniently located in the Western Mid Levels area of Hong Kong close to public transportation including buses, taxis and 3 subway stops from the Central District. Surrounded by numerous international stores, restaurants, bars and clubs you'll feel a world away from the fast pace of the city.

We offer long term lease apartment and apartment short term lease spacious, fully furnished, service apartment flats with excellent services at a tariff as low as 75 USD per night in a prime location of Hong Kong. The service apartment flats and pet friendly service apartment properties are equipped with free Wi-Fi connection, telephone and utilities charges including electricity, W/C and gas. The peaceful living environment is suitable for singles and small families of 1-3 members looking forward to visiting the city and experiencing the local life.

Right in the heart of Causeway Bay! A luxurious, high quality, budget and normal service apartment. The Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats are fully furnished apartments, Include beds, beddings, TV sets, air-conditioning units and a kitchenette inside. Each room comes with a built-in wardrobe unit.

We offer both furnished apartments and unfurnished service apartment flats in Hong Kong. We are able to provide reliable service on a wide range of service apartment flats, and our goal is to assist you in Causeway Bay or Happy Valley.

Located near Causeway Bay, a quiet residential neighbourhood, with the capital's Central Business District and shopping malls just 10 minutes' away by public transport, this Apartment O Causeway Bay property enjoys an excellent location, with easy access to all parts of Hong Kong via public transportation. (Prices depend on size, facilities, period and availability)

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