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Service Apartment | Hong Kong Service Apartment: The Budget Flat To Call Home

Updated: Mar 18, 2022

Apartment O offers quality apartment short term lease in its 90 single or double room options throughout the residential district. Whether you are looking for a double room, twin room or a family option, our rooms and amenities can accommodate your needs. Apartment O is a chain of service apartment options operating in various apartment short term lease localities of Hong Kong. For vacations, business trips or short trips, we offer those who want to live and stay in the city another apartment short term lease option: an easy living apartment that provides all the comforts of home with all the conveniences of a hotel.

Hong Kong Service Apartment agent Apartment O will provide you with the comfort, convenience and security of a home away from your home. We are a long term lease apartment budget travellers' haven; a flat for low-profile visitors who would love to explore many places in Hong Kong for longer durations. Our service apartment long term lease apartment units are fully furnished, featuring balconies and kitchens, with shared baths and private rooms. Long term lease apartment rooms are equipped with WiFi, television, internet and private safes. Hong Kong service apartment units offer a home away from home. Besides long-term lease plans, budget service apartment units also offer short-term leases at a daily or weekly rate.

Discover Hong Kong Service Apartment

It is no secret that renting a service apartment in Hong Kong can be difficult and time-consuming. Finding the perfect pet friendly studio apartment to call home, in a suitable location, can also break the bank. Although it may seem that not everyone is able to afford a home in this city’s real estate market, there is good news! There is one type of pet friendly studio apartment that suits even the most budget-conscious renter – Service Apartment pet friendly studio apartment Flats. Hong Kong Service Apartment flats offer a more affordable, convenient and comfortable stay for those who are on official visits or vacations.

Service apartment residences are fully-furnished and equipped with modern amenities for a trouble-free pet friendly serviced apartment stay. These service apartment units in Hong Kong are located at some of the most sought-after locations so that one can enjoy every bit of the visit. Hong Kong service apartment options definitely have that homey vibe, from their pet friendly serviced apartment daily cleaning services to spacious rooms. Other than that, service apartment options also offer you pet friendly serviced apartment amenities and hotel-like services that you can enjoy, aside from the ideal location of the place.

Hong Kong service apartment units help you to enjoy the affordable luxury for a comfortable stay. Whether on a business trip or vacation, your family will always be at an advantage with service apartment options and extended service apartment pet friendly stays throughout Hong Kong. Travellers and expatriates visiting Hong Kong temporarily or for a long-term duration use Hong Kong service apartment options. Hong Kong service apartment units come with a host of amenities, including Wi-Fi, cable TV, and dry cleaning service apartment pet friendly services.

Service apartment features a fully equipped kitchen, en-suite toilet and shower room. Situated on the high floor with service apartment pet friendly elevator access, the service apartment's open plan kitchen/living room boasts a breakfast bar and modern appliances. The bedroom includes a queen-sized bed, sofa bed and TV, ensuring you have all the comforts of a lease apartment. Relax, unwind, and let yourself feel at home. We provide a space where you can rest, regroup and recharge for the exciting day ahead of you. So come on in and enjoy everything we’ve put together for you.

If you're planning a trip to Hong Kong, and you're looking for a lease apartment that is home away from home this is the one. Hong Kong Service Apartment provides affordable, clean and spacious service apartment units with easy lease apartment access to public transport.

The Budget Flat To Call Home

Hong Kong Service Apartment flats offer rooms with well equipped kitchens. A 5-minute walk from Causeway Bay Shopping District, one bedroom apartment has a rooftop terrace and a fitness centre. The hotel provides free Wi-Fi access in its public areas. Price-conscious travellers have found their ideal one bedroom apartment base in this exceptional Hong Kong service apartment complex. Stay at an affordable one bedroom apartment , while enjoying a high standard of comfort and privacy. Located on the recently developed waterfront, this accommodation is well suited to both business and leisure travellers.

Apartment O offers a choice of over 500 unique service apartment units in Hong Kong with flexible stay options. If a suite is more suited to your lifestyle, book executive pet friendly apartment suites located among the major business districts of Hong Kong or budget flats located in the heart of bustling towns. 1-bedroom, 1 bathroom service apartment with free Wifi in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley. Close to HK's major shopping area, one pet friendly apartment from the MTR subway station. Free cell phone and SIM therein, cable TV, discounts with local restaurants and shops. Daily pet friendly apartment maid service, utilities included: gas, water and electricity.

A pleasant and affordable home away from home. Apartment O Causeway Bay brings you the convenience of a self-contained flat with the professional services of an upscale hotel. Our fully equipped studios in Hong Kong are located in the heart of Happy Valley, close to public transport and walking distance. A home away from home with chic elements of design, this modern Apartment O Causeway Bay residence is designed to make every moment spent here truly inspiring. The spacious layout of the Apartment O Causeway Bay suite provides a sense of warmth, comfort and privacy; with full facilities and personalised services, this is the ideal temporary or permanent abode for those who are seeking quality living at a prime location at an affordable price.

A budget furnished apartment to call home in the heart of the centre city. Our Happy Valley and Causeway Bay service apartment is within 5 minutes’ walk from two train lines and many local shops, eateries and amenities, providing you with convenient access to the best furnished apartment this lively district has to offer. Start planning your stay with us today.

Why Are You Staying In Hotels?

Apartment O was established in response to the frustration of Hong Kong's constant 'transient' Hong Kong short term lease living situation. Our service apartment units offer a range of beautiful, well stocked, furnished service apartment units for rent. The Hong Kong Hong Kong short term lease flats are all clean and spacious, and you can select from a number of main areas, ranging from the trendy district to the laid-back suburban town. They also provide a number of Corporate service packages. Hong Kong short term lease offers cheap accommodation for students and professionals wishing to stay for a few weeks or months at a time. We are able to provide a Hong Kong apartment short term lease with high speed internet connection, telephone service, television with cable channels as well as a fax machine, if required.

Hotels can get pricey, and service apartment apartment short term lease options are in short supply in Hong Kong. If you want an apartment short term lease to call home, somewhere you can relax and feel at home, then this budget flat is perfect for you. Spend great times with your family or friends together at an affordable price! This is a great value for your money! Hong Kong is the most populated city in China, and one of the most highly populated cities of the world. Visitors to Hong Kong have a wide range of apartment short term lease options available to service apartment units, but not all options are created equal in terms of quality and price.

Simple, tidy and cosy long term lease apartment in popular areas like Causeway Bay and Happy Valley. With the traditional Hong Kong flavour and feel, this apartment offers a homely comfort right in the middle of a very busy city. Guests can enjoy the views of surrounding long term lease apartment buildings (including TVB- the television station that broadcasts old-school Hong Kong style shows), occasional chit chat with the local auntie housewife, as well as the convenience of having everything from local eateries to wet markets only steps away from your long term lease apartment. Hong Kong is a city that is well-known for luxury and exuberant costs.

Over the years, Hong Kong has become one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, with property prices higher than ever before and still on the rise. Hong Kong Service Apartment is a locally owned pet friendly studio apartment that provides quality short-to-medium term apartment rentals for both holiday and business travellers, typically at 30% to 50% less than the cost of an equivalent hotel room. Hong Kong Service Apartment is a contemporary pet friendly studio apartment residence which is located in the heart of Hong Kong. It is surrounded by local dining and shopping areas, which will bring you convenience during your pet friendly studio apartment stay.

Moreover, Hong Kong Service Apartment units have well furnished pet friendly serviced apartment rooms and suites equipped with modern facilities including air-conditioning, refrigerator, radio, cable TV and telephone. Hong Kong Service Apartment is the perfect place to stay if you wish to get away from the brutal Hong Kong summer heat, which can often be unbearable. We teamed up with renowned pet friendly serviced apartment designers who helped us create the best possible environment for a memorable pet friendly serviced apartment stay. Whether you're visiting Hong Kong on business or planning a holiday, we can offer a convenient, luxurious and budget serviced apartment that is sure to make your trip more comfortable.

Apartment O service apartment pet friendly accommodation provider offers service apartment options at an affordable price. Bedrooms come fully furnished, with air-conditioning, kitchens and private balconies, while service apartment pet friendly amenities include outdoor pools, fitness centres and gyms. Premium service apartment locations around areas like Happy Valley and Causeway Bay. Contact us to find a great service apartment to stay in!

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