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Service Apartment | Fast, Clean and Affordable: Service Apartment in Hong Kong

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Hong Kong is an extremely expensive city to live in. Hong Kong is a city that never sleeps, so if you are working in Hong Kong, you definitely need a place to live. An apartment three bedroom service apartment can be the best solution for this situation. The apartment short term lease service apartment, also called service apartment flats, provides room for rent with facilities such as furnished apartment laundry, ironing service, and cleaning services, internet access, etc. And it's relatively cheap compared to a hotel. In fact, a lot of people prefer to stay in service apartment flats rather than hotels in Hong Kong. Because of its small size, one bedroom apartment there aren't many affordable long term lease apartment choices available when it comes to renting a flat.

With the rise of the "sharing economy", however, there is now a new way to find an apartment in Hong Kong: Service Apartment. The service is designed for short-term stays, and it offers a cheaper alternative to other flats in Hong Kong. It is possible to find something in between for a reasonable price. One option is pet friendly studio apartment service apartment lodging. Service apartment properties are essentially long-term apartments that rent by the week or month, just as normal apartments do.

Service apartment residences also include cleaning and maid service daily and utilities such as electricity, water and internet access included in the price of the room. This makes them an attractive option for those who want some privacy but don't want to pay for hotel services every day when pet friendly serviced apartment service apartment residences aren't using them. So what exactly do you get with a service apartment?

How Do I Find A Service Apartment?

Service apartment properties are located in the heart of the city and service apartment residences are fully equipped with facilities to provide all sorts of services to guests. Service apartment properties are Hong Kong short term lease fully furnished with kitchen and laundry equipment, daily housekeeping, cable TV and internet connections, racks for drying clothes, ironing boards, mobile phone rental, furnished apartment and many more. There are various types of long term lease apartment service apartment properties ranging from luxury to budget type depending on the requirements of the guests. Service apartment flats are great for short-term stays.

There are many service apartment options in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley areas and service apartment residences make an ideal place to stay for a night or two. Service apartment residences are especially useful if you have just arrived once you get off the aeroplane. Some of them are even cheaper than the hotels that are located in the city centre. If you want to save money on accommodation then there are many apartment short term lease alternatives to a hotel or hostel that you can choose from. You can also rent out a whole one bedroom apartment which is a great way to experience the city as well as save money at the same time.

What's It Like?

The Hong Kong short term lease rooms are fairly basic, but service apartment residences have all of the things that you need: kitchen, living room and bathroom. The Apartment O Causeway Bay kitchen has a microwave, refrigerator and oven in addition to basic utensils (such as plates, cups, pots and pans). There is a dining area with tableware as well as a sofa that converts into a bed. There are also laundry machines available for use. Service apartment properties are a great option for guests who want the comforts of a hotel but not the hassle of travelling to one. We offer accommodation for short-term and long-term stays everywhere, specially Causeway Bay and Happy Valley areas, with everything from one-night service apartment flats to five-star residences.

Travellers who visit Hong Kong on business or pleasure will find pet friendly studio apartment service apartment properties in all areas of the city, including Causeway Bay, Wan Chai, Happy Valley and Hong Kong Island. Our apartment three bedroom properties offer complete amenities such as air conditioning/heating, cable television, Internet access and daily housekeeping services. Some properties even provide fully equipped kitchens and laundry services. Hong Kong is one of the most expensive cities, and that goes for accommodation too. The best way to save money is by staying in a long term lease apartment service apartment which offers small rooms but comes fully equipped with everything you would need.

Travelling alone or with friends, staying in Hong Kong can be expensive. A service apartment is the best alternative for travellers who want to save money on accommodation. The apartment short term lease flats are privately owned so Pet friendly serviced apartment service apartment residences all vary in quality, location and cleanliness. Some of them might be out of town, but if you're looking for privacy and no disturbance, then it's worth paying extra for that one bedroom apartment seclusion.

You can expect to pay anywhere between $140-$380 USD per week in rent. It all depends on the location, size and facilities available in the flat that you choose. Cheaper places may lack air conditioning while more expensive ones will have swimming pools and gym facilities. Apart from accommodation, you can expect to pay around $100 USD per week for utilities like electricity, water and internet connection.

Service apartment properties are located all over Hong Kong so you don't necessarily have to stay in the centre of town. There are many kinds of Apartment O Causeway Bay accommodation in Hong Kong. You can stay in a 5-star hotel, a guesthouse, a serviced apartment, or even a hostel if you want to save money. The better question is: what type of accommodation suits your lifestyle and budget?

Travelling To Hong Kong For Business Or Pleasure?

If you are travelling to Hong Kong for business or pleasure, chances are you will have less time for sightseeing than when you visit as a tourist. You might be more interested in the lease apartment convenience of staying in places like the service apartment at Apartment O. It is centrally located within easy access to key transportation hubs, shopping malls and popular tourist spots such as Causeway Bay. Location is very important when choosing an accommodation while on holiday or on a business trip. You want to be close enough so you can easily go out and explore the city but at the same time, you prefer to stay in a quiet place far from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Service apartment properties offer this perfect balance between space and comfort that hotels just can't match. Service apartment residences are spacious enough where your stay will feel like home away from home, but still close enough for convenience and easy access to all sorts of facilities. You might think that the best place to live, Hong Kong short term lease in Hong Kong is a high-end apartment or hotel. While service apartment residences are the top end of the housing spectrum, service apartment residences are necessarily the best choice for everyone. If you want to save money and still have a wide variety of options available to you, then a serviced apartment might be the best choice for you.

About Service Apartment Flats

Service apartment flats are just like regular apartments; however, instead of having to provide all the furniture and amenities yourself, everything is already provided for you. In addition, pet friendly studio apartment service apartment properties typically include things such as housekeeping services and reception desks where you can pick up your mail and packages if needed. Service apartment residences are also usually located in very safe neighbourhoods so you never have to worry about walking alone at night. There are many different types of service apartment flats available in Hong Kong and there may be some that are perfect for your needs.

Service apartment flats – service apartment options small but comfortable Apartment O Causeway Bay apartments are great for single people who need a place to stay while service apartment residents work on their studies or find work in Hong Kong. Service apartments and Hong Kong short term lease residences are often located near public transportation routes so it is easy to get around town.

Tranquility is what we strive for here at Apartment O. Feel free to enjoy the space as if it were your own home while in Hong Kong. This apartment has a wonderful city view overlooking the Victoria Harbour and Kowloon's skyline. The service apartment is clean, tidy and comfortable with easy access to all major transportation, shopping and dining venues nearby, including Central, Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui areas.

The service apartment features a large living room with sofa bed, TV set, Cable TV channels and High-Speed WIFI Internet access provided by PCCW. There is a small kitchen with cooking facilities (fridge, microwave oven, induction cooker), cutlery, crockery and utensils for 4 people. It also includes bed linen and towels for 4 persons, an ironing board & iron in the closet near the entrance along with a hair dryer, ironing board and hairdryer. You will also find toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner, …

If you are visiting Hong Kong and looking for a comfortable and affordable place to stay, then stay at a service apartment from Apartment O. We offer spacious apartments to fit your needs in different areas of Hong Kong. Our services include hotel-style service with excellent facilities such as a well-equipped kitchen, reliable internet connection, and many more. Apartment O staff is friendly and willing to help you with any issue you might have during your stay. Travellers come from all around the world to visit this beautiful place on the South China Sea. We hope you will make us part of your journey to Hong Kong.

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