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Service Apartment | Can A Family Of Four Live In Hong Kong's Service Apartment?

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

In recent years, Hong Kong has been ranked as one of the most expensive cities in Asia. On average, it takes years for families with two wage earners each to be able to afford the average home price in the small cities. But, even with this huge salary, many people still find it difficult to purchase their own homes. For example, an average family of four earns a combined income of more than $60000 per month (after taxes). This family would need at least $320000 after tax just to buy a property worth $1 million. In fact, they would need more than $1 million to buy a property worth $320000 after tax.

How about living in a service apartment? The most characteristic of apartment short term lease are small rooms, partitioned into even smaller rooms. Some walls have been erased and some remain. There is no privacy, but everything is clean and shiny. Everyone has one electric socket. The hot water will come out only in the morning when everyone is still sleeping; the toilet will be shared by 30 people; the washroom is usually outside the service apartment building, and you can shower with a stream of cold water from a hose. It's a bit dangerous to live in such a place like that but it's cheap for a migrant worker or someone who doesn't have much money.

Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment in Hong Kong is the perfect solution to your family housing problem. It is a small, fully equipped apartment that you can rent by the month in Hong Kong. There are many types of Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats in Hong Kong, but they all have one thing in common: they are furnished and equipped to be lived in by a family. The Apartment O Causeway Bay flats have everything you need for daily life such as a washing machine, an oven, a refrigerator, a microwave and any other thing that can make your stay comfortable.

There are two types of serviced apartments in Hong Kong: business apartments and family pet friendly apartment flats. Business apartments are larger and more luxurious than family apartments. They usually include hotel-like amenities such as tea and coffee making facilities, mini bar, hairdryer, flat screen TV with cable channels and air conditioning. Family pet friendly apartment flats are compact but come with everything you need for a comfortable stay including a kitchenette, dining area and cot for kids. The pet friendly apartment can accommodate up to four people and some even have extra beds for additional guests.

There is a lot of attention in Hong Kong now to the living conditions of people who live in the city's service apartment flats. It's a big issue because there are so many people who live in these one bedroom apartment spaces. The government has been taking steps to improve conditions and make it easier for people to report bad situations. Service Apartments are usually rented for a week to several months. Service Apartment provides all the one bedroom apartment necessities, including a fully equipped kitchen, laundry services, housekeeping and concierge services. Travellers can use services such as laundry and linen to be provided by the one bedroom apartment operator, with the cost covered in the monthly fee. Service apartment flats may be less expensive than living in hotels, but they often lack individual character.

Service apartment flats in Hong Kong are especially popular with longer stay business visitors to the city. Service apartment flats offer a wide range of lease apartment facilities and services, including kitchens, Internet access, conference rooms and car parking, as well as reduced rates for longer stays. A service apartment is basically a small studio lease apartment that comes with a kitchen, bathroom and usually a balcony. They're often provided by employers as part of an expat package or by lease apartment agents for temporary housing until you find a place that you can move into long-term.

It's the world's most densely populated city and there are more than 7 million people living in Hong Kong. It's no surprise that living spaces are small and service apartment flats are getting more popular each year.

The government defines a service apartment as "a self-contained service apartment pet friendly which is owned by a developer or an individual and leased out for a period of time," but it might be more relevant to think of service apartment pet friendly as somewhere between renting and buying. They're typically much smaller than regular flats, but service apartment pet friendly has all the facilities you would have in a regular home, such as your own kitchen, bathroom and laundry facilities.

The majority of service apartment flats are pet friendly serviced apartment residential flats. They're meant for families or small groups of people who want to live in an area other than what they can afford to buy a house/flat in. They're often older service apartment buildings which have been converted into pet friendly serviced apartment flats, and they offer a cheaper alternative to living on your own.

When you rent a service apartment in the Happy Valley or Causeway Bay area, you'll pay key money upon moving in (anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000). The government has made pet friendly serviced apartment rules that forbid pet friendly studio apartment developers from increasing your monthly payments once you've signed the lease, so this fee shouldn't affect your rent over the long term. However, if you choose to stay for many years then you will inevitably end up paying far more than someone who rents a bigger pet friendly studio apartment for less money. There are many different types of accommodation in Hong Kong in the Happy Valley or Causeway Bay area, ranging from luxury apartment flats to public housing. However, the most popular housing option among expatriates is the service apartment.

Service apartment flats are commonly found in pet friendly studio apartment residential areas, and are usually made up of several units within a service apartment building. They provide an alternative to residing in a hotel or a service apartment. Trying to find a long term lease apartment to live with your family in Hong Kong can be very challenging. Apartments here are usually so small, you have to go all out to find a long term lease apartment that fits your requirements. If you can't afford the luxury apartment in Hong Kong, then you probably have no choice but to settle for a service apartment instead.

Service apartment flats are basically subdivided apartment short term lease flats with private kitchens and bathrooms. They are much cheaper than the luxury apartment short term lease flats and much bigger than those tiny ones found in Hong Kong; they're also located in reputable areas. So how do they compare with one another? A service apartment is just like any other apartment short term lease flat, but it's divided into two or three sections and let out to different tenants. In other words, it's not a free-standing property but rather split into smaller units by walls or partitions – each containing a toilet, bathroom and kitchenette. The space created by the partitioning is usually enough for a bed and a small study table.

Service apartment flats have become a popular furnished apartment option for expatriates and local people looking for accommodation in Hong Kong. The apartment flats usually provide a serviced residence with a variety of on-site furnished apartment facilities, but most importantly offer temporary accommodation that is a comfortable alternative to traditional hotel stays or renting private housing. A service apartment typically includes a fully furnished kitchen, dining area, bathroom and two bedrooms.

Depending on the Hong Kong short term lease service apartment building, there may also be laundry facilities, housekeeping services and concierge help. For example, some service apartment flats allow you to make meals in your unit but send out laundry and dishes for cleaning. Other service apartment buildings provide 24-hour security with furnished apartment key card access to the service apartment building and an on-call concierge service for help with anything from booking theatre tickets to calling cabs. Some service apartment flats are located in mid-rise service apartment buildings that surround busy streets, while others are inside gated communities away from traffic noise.

A few service apartment buildings even offer valet parking services, meaning you don't have to worry about finding street parking when you return to your furnished apartment after a late night out. Service apartment flats are an excellent option for both short and long term stays. Apartments provide all the comfort of home and are sometimes cheaper than hotels. Trying to find the best Hong Kong short term lease deals on service apartment flats in Hong Kong can be a nightmare. There are a lot of service apartment flats in Hong Kong, but which one is the best one? If you want to live in one of them, it's not easy to find the right Hong Kong short term lease. Actually, finding the best service apartment can be a tricky job. This is why you need Apartment O.

Apartment O in Hong Kong has more than ten years of service apartment rental experience in this industry in the Happy Valley or Causeway Bay area, Apartment O has a good reputation and established its own brand image through these years. Apartment O provides not only family long term lease apartment flats but also service apartment flats in Hong Kong, which are all at reasonable prices. Our service apartment properties are available for both long term and short term stay.

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