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Service Apartment | A Convenient Hong Kong Service Apartment For Busy People

Updated: Mar 16, 2022

Service apartment flats mean a fully furnished apartment with a living room, kitchen, bathroom, and one or more bedrooms. It is intended for apartment short term lease stay and has the added advantages of a hotel but at the same time provides freedom of space, privacy, and security that an apartment offers. A one bedroom apartment or service apartment flat is different from a hotel in terms of the services offered. Typically it does not offer room service or laundry services. However, some of the modern service apartment flats do offer these additional services as well.

The chief advantage of staying in a service apartment is that you have all the amenities of your own home away from home. You can cook your own food, entertain guests or even invite friends to stay over. The cost per night in Hong Kong short term lease apartments are also much cheaper than staying in a hotel. The lease apartment flats or service apartment is a fully furnished apartment that provides all the amenities of a good hotel, including housekeeping, room service, and other hospitality services. The service apartment flats are generally rented for extended periods. The business model of service apartment flats is different from that of hotels as the latter are leased on a nightly basis.

service apartment flats VS Hotels

service apartment flats are more spacious than hotel rooms. The apartment short term lease provides more space to sit, relax and live. They have a kitchenette where you can prepare your own food. In Hong Kong short term lease apartments, there is a dining table where the entire family can eat together and spend quality time with each other, unlike in hotels where one has to eat in a room with limited space. In addition, in Apartment O Causeway Bay there are facilities such as laundry and dry cleaning, recreational facilities, car parking, etc.

Some service apartment flats are located near corporate hubs while others are located in tourist spots, making them ideal for both long term lease apartment flats and apartment short term lease stays by travellers. service apartment flats like Hong Kong short term lease options are gaining popularity with travellers and business people visiting Hong Kong for extended periods of time. Whether you're looking for a long-term alternative to hotels or searching for a temporary home, we have the perfect solution for you.

Our service apartment flats offer the comforts and conveniences of a home without being tied down to a long term lease apartment. We offer flexible lease apartment terms ranging from a week to year-round. We have the largest selection of service apartment flats in Hong Kong ranging from studios to apartment three bedroom units. Hong Kong is a vibrant city that never sleeps. The bustling city is a busy hub with many people living and working there. The service apartment has become very popular in Hong Kong because of the convenience and luxury it offers to tenants.

service apartment flats are leased on a long-term basis, which makes them suitable for people who are looking for long term lease apartment accommodation in Hong Kong. service apartment flats usually come with an array of appliances and furniture, providing tenants with all the comforts they need to live their everyday lives. Some service apartment flats or pet friendly studio apartment options also offer additional services in Apartment O Causeway Bay flats such as cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping to provide tenants with an effortless living experience. There are many benefits to renting a service apartment in Hong Kong. Here are some of them:

  • Convenience: service apartment flats are fully furnished, which means you don’t have to worry about transporting or buying furniture for your new apartment. You can move into your new apartment immediately after signing the lease apartment agreement. A furnished service apartment also means you don’t have to worry about searching for furniture if you need to move again in the future.

  • Flexibility: Hong Kong short term lease service apartment flats offer flexible leasing terms, which means you can decide how long or short your contract should be depending on your needs. If you are not sure

When it comes to the Hong Kong business environment, there is a fast-paced lifestyle. People from all over the world come to Hong Kong in order to find success. There are loads of different opportunities and lease apartment options in this city, including the chance to make new contacts, meet new people and experience a whole different lifestyle in general. Business people will be able to live their dream whilst they experience what it is like to live in a furnished apartment in one of the most popular cities in the world.

Hong Kong has been deemed as one of the most economically free regions in the world and it is also one of the major financial centres worldwide. This is why many people love this place and they immediately fall head over heels for what it has to offer them. Apartment O Causeway Bay is not just about business either because people will also be able to experience a great social life too, especially if the service apartment pet friendly roommates are willing to get out there and meet new people.

Apartment O Causeway Bay makes Hong Kong an incredibly attractive prospect for plenty of people and this is why so many people decide that they want to move there for a period of time. Of course, if you're going to take on a contract or even if you're intending on moving there permanently then you'll need somewhere suitable as well as convenient like the Hong Kong short term lease options. After all, moving into a hotel can be expensive.

Apartment O provides Hong Kong service apartment flats for busy people. You can easily rent your desired service apartment or pet friendly studio apartment in a few minutes. Simply search for the type, area, and budget of your preferred service apartment flats. You may also contact Apartment O Causeway Bay if you need a free consultation. A local service apartment in Hong Kong, Apartment O, has been providing business travellers with a home away from home for many years.

Our Hong Kong short term lease service apartment flats are located in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district. The service apartment flats are furnished apartment options with comfortable beds and equipped with all the facilities you will need during your stay in Hong Kong. The fully furnished service apartment flats are always maintained to the highest standards and we guarantee that they are spotless and hygienic prior to your arrival.

The best way to find your ideal home is to have a professional help you find it. You don't have to waste time on many websites or visit the service apartment flats yourself. Just tell us what you want, and we will take care of everything for you. Apartment O Causeway Bay provides an apartment search service like an apartment two bedroom that matches your specific need for free. Apartment O is a free apartment search service to match busy people with their ideal home in Hong Kong. Apartment O Causeway Bay team members are from different professions with different backgrounds, we are also experts in finding service apartment flats for people from all over the world.

Why choose ApartmentO?

You can save a lot of time and money by using the Apartment O Causeway Bay service! We are familiar with the local real estate market, so we can help you find a service apartment or a lease apartment that matches your needs at the best price. We have access to all types of service apartment flats in Hong Kong. We will provide you with detailed information about each apartment and its surroundings so that you can make an informed decision quickly and easily.

ApartmentO - Service apartment for busy people

Full furnished apartment and decorated apartment for rent with reasonable price. Don't waste your time anymore on looking for a place to stay or take care of your belongings, we will make it easy for you. We offer fully furnished apartment options and decorated apartment flats ready to live in. All you need is just bring your clothes! Apartment O Service Apartment is a well-established company that specialises in providing luxury service apartment flats or pet friendly studio apartment options to clients who are looking for a comfortable and convenient living environment. We acknowledge the need to maintain a consistent service standard and thus we aspire to provide the best possible experience to all our customers.

We take great pride in our properties like the apartment three bedroom options and the service that we offer, hence we train our staff with customer service skills and customer care to ensure your stay as comfortable as possible. We look forward to working with you and meeting your stay needs. Apartment O is a premium service apartment provider in Hong Kong, our service apartment flats are located in Causeway Bay and Happy Valley, the most popular areas among expats and tourists. Apartment O Causeway Bay service apartment flats are fully furnished with all the facilities you need to move in immediately.

You can rent our service apartment flats and pet friendly serviced apartment options daily or monthly. Our staff has years of experience in this industry and we will help you find the perfect place for you. If you want us to arrange your moving, car rental, or limousine service, just call us via Whatsapp or Wechat. We are a pet friendly studio apartment company with staff from different countries who speak English, Chinese, and Cantonese. We know what foreigners need when they first arrive in Hong Kong. Contact us today to learn more about our services!

Apartment O is a modern service apartment located in the heart of Happy Valley, Hong Kong. The area, popular with expats and locals alike, offers a variety of food, drink, and entertainment options. The spacious apartment sleeps up to four people in apartment two bedroom options with plenty of space for all. It features a fully fitted kitchen, dining area, and lounge. There are two bathrooms and a full laundry area. ApartmentO is a short walk from the Happy Valley MTR station, the racecourse, and sports grounds. Apartment O is a service apartment located in Causeway Bay, the heart of Hong Kong. It's a fully furnished apartment with all necessary facilities, suitable for both short and long term lease apartment stays.

service apartment especially the one bedroom apartment has a bedroom with queen size bed, the living room has a sofa bed that can accommodate 2 persons. The kitchen is equipped with necessary utensils and equipment. In the long term lease apartment, there are also washing machines and clothes dryers within the service apartment. It is located on a quiet street, away from the busy street of Causeway Bay. There are many shops close by that provide convenient daily life support. The service apartment pet friendly is only 5 minutes walk to the tram station, 15 minutes walk to MTR station and 30 minutes walk to Central.

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