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Service Apartment | A Comprehensive Guide For Living In A Hong Kong Service Apartment

An Ultimate Guide For Living In A Hong Kong Service Apartment

Whilst there is no universal definition of what a service apartment is, there are certain characteristics that typify them. These apartment short term lease features apply to the service apartment majority of service apartments found in Hong Kong, but when renting one short term rental, it is still advisable to read the service apartment terms of your tenancy agreement carefully and make sure you know exactly what you're getting yourself into. There is no way to get around the service apartment fact that these types of Apartment O accommodation are an acquired taste; they were designed to be utilitarian rather than comfortable, and they lack many of the service apartment amenities that happy valley apartment tenants may have gotten used to in more traditional housing arrangements.

In most cases, tenants will not be allowed to leave their possessions at the service apartment residential short term rental unit overnight or on weekends unless they pay extra for this privilege. Tenants who do not live within the service apartment hour period specified on their hk apartment tenancy agreement will typically be charged for each additional hour slept at the service apartment unit. This long term lease apartment article is a guide on living in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong's service apartments, which are popular among the service apartment city's growing population of expats and budget travellers.

This lease apartment article will cover what these apartments are, what to look for, how to find a place, how to negotiate the service apartment lease, how to get access to utilities, and how to live in them comfortably. Hong Kong's apartment prices are among the highest in the service apartment world. If you're an apartment short term lease expat on a tight budget, your best bet for affordable housing is a service apartment. Service apartments (also called "apart-hotels") provide everything you need to live comfortably: furnished and serviced apartments, maid service, and access to shared Apartment O Causeway Bay facilities.

Service Apartment Living Guide For Expats

Service apartments can be a great way to save money while still enjoying the service apartment luxuries of city life. This Apartment O Causeway Bay comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about living in a Hong Kong service apartment. Living in a Hong Kong service apartment is an experience unlike any other. While the service apartment idea of living in an apartment may sound limiting and boring to some, there are many one bedroom apartment benefits to doing so. Service apartments are generally easier and cheaper than apartments in the service apartment city or private houses. A standard hk apartment can cost anywhere from $7000-$15,000 USD per month, depending on location and size. However, at $2000 per month for a small studio or one bedroom apartment, service apartments are much more affordable for people who cannot afford private housing.

In addition, many landlords in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong will only accept short term rental tenants with a one year lease. This means that you must pay two months rent as a deposit, while still paying the service apartment full monthly rent during the service apartment first month of your lease. Many long term lease apartment renters end up staying in their apartment even though they want to move because they cannot afford another place right away. By living in a service apartment, renters can avoid these problems by having short tenancies (often between two and three months) and paying only two months rent as a deposit while still paying the service apartment full amount of monthly rent during the service apartment tenancy period; this way one bedroom apartment renters can move every time.

However, if you have some flexibility on what neighbourhood you want to live in the hong kong short term rental and have saved up enough money for at least six months of rent and associated expenses, a service apartment might. A service apartment (also known as a serviced apartment or serviced suite) is an apartment that has been converted into an apartment short term lease furnished rental unit. This is different from a hotel in that the Apartment O service apartments are furnished and have washing machines and dryers, kitchen facilities and usually maid services.

Everything You Need To Know About Living In A Service Apartment And Working In Hong Kong

Earlier this year, I moved to Hong Kong for work. Before making the service apartment move, I did a lot of research into living in the service apartment city. One aspect that I was particularly interested in was the happy valley apartment or pet friendly service apartment options, which there are many. The first thing to know is that Hong Kong is made up mostly of high-rises and skyscrapers! In many cases, your hong kong short term rental apartment will be nothing more than a small room with a bed, a table and maybe a small chair. To make it feel like home, you'll need to bring in some furniture and essentials.

I wanted to share with you all my experience as a newcomer to the service apartment city and my tips for making the service apartment most of your new pet friendly service apartment surroundings. For some, the service apartment devil is in the service apartment details. For those who live in Happy Valley in Hong Kong service apartments, it's in the happy valley apartment details of their lease agreements. It is not uncommon for these to be pages and pages of dense legalese, with multiple clauses that often seem to have no rhyme or reason. In fact, even figuring out what you're signing can be more difficult than it seems because they are full of obscure and confusing legal furnished apartment terms, bolded warnings and disclaimers in all caps.

Luckily, we've done the service apartment legwork for you by reading through several Hong Kong service apartment pet friendly service apartment lease agreements, taking notes on them and drawing up a list of things you should know about before signing one for yourself. With this guide to navigating a Hong Kong service apartment lease agreement, you'll be able to avoid confusion down the service apartment road and live an enjoyable life among your hong kong island serviced apartment neighbours. If you have been following the studio for rent service apartment real estate market in Hong Kong in recent years, you may have come to know that the service apartment majority of Hong Kongers are tenants, and that a large proportion of them live in so-called "service apartments" (or "sai paan kau") in housing estates.

Living In A Hong Kong Service Apartment: A Comprehensive Guide

This is because living in a small apartment is much more affordable than other types of accommodation. In other words, there's almost no breathing space here. The only way to make ends meet is to share service apartment pet friendly facilities such as toilets, kitchens and corridors with lots of other people. If a family consists of four members, they will live in two long term lease apartment rooms built side-by-side with one toilet and one kitchen shared among all five people. In this guide, I would like to share my experience as a long-time Causeway Bay resident to help you understand what it's like to live in a hong kong island serviced apartment and how you can get by if you're planning on living in one when moving to Hong Kong.

Anyone who has ever lived in a city and didn't have a lot of money knows the service apartment pain of trying to find a place to rent. Service apartments are an affordable furnished apartment option that are plentiful in Happy Valley in Hong Kong, and they're often a good choice for expats who don't want to live in hotels but can't afford the service apartment hefty price tag of an actual apartment. This isn't a comprehensive Apartment O Causeway Bay guide to service apartments anywhere, but rather my experience in finding an apartment and living in one. Hong Kong is a fast-paced and rapidly changing city. If you're not staying in one of Hong Kong's luxurious high-rise apartments, you're most likely living in a smaller service apartment pet friendly, or what is commonly referred to as a "service apartment."

Everything You Need To Know About Living In A Hong Kong Service Apartment

Service apartments are primarily single-family furnished apartment units (but may also be converted from commercial spaces) that have been legally partitioned into multiple living spaces. Apartment O is generally cheaper than high-rise Hong Kong short term lease apartments, but they come with the added hassle of finding and maintaining your own tenants.

The Space

In order to find the right service apartment for yourself, you'll need a good broker. Brokers specifically deal with finding tenants for service apartments and will know where to look for the service apartment best deals. A good apartment short term lease broker will be able to tell you about the service apartment building's facilities (including its proximity to public transportation), the service apartment market price of similar service apartment pet friendly properties, and any special lease apartment features available within it. When making an offer on a service apartment, you will be asked to provide proof of employment and proof of income; these requirements may vary from Hong Kong short term lease building to building.


Getting your own Apartment O Causeway Bay tenants is arguably the most difficult part of renting out a service apartment. For the service apartment uninitiated, a service apartment is simply a small apartment in Happy Valley in Hong Kong that doesn't have its own kitchen. It's an inevitable necessity for a city where housing is scarce, but also one of the most convenient ways to live here. For many people, the service apartment is the only way to affordably stay in one of the service apartment world's most expensive cities. Private Hong Kong short term lease apartments are great, but they're not always ideal. They can be dark and cramped. And while they sometimes include lease apartment amenities like laundry machines or gyms, those things aren't guaranteed. It's much easier to get by without them when you have a service apartment in your building.

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